Tower of God Mobile Game Patch Update 5/5


  • Chatting system has been reworked
  • If you fail when upgrading from +0 to +5, you know get a bonus from the failure added onto your next upgrade
  • A bunch of bug fixes like menus and minor bugs in story mode
  • For those who have purchased Emily’s item (500 suspendium instantly + 150 suspendium & 100 AP everyday for 30 days), there is now an event pocket given to you. This pocket will contain a 3 star or 4 star Androssi, Laure, Baam, Koon, Rachel, Hwaryun, Anak, Hatsu, Rak, Xia Xia, Seonoonarae, Ship Leesoo, Yihwa, Wangan, Yuri, Quantz, Yu Hansung, Leroro. <– Ranker possibilities are probably super low since no one on Korean forums says they’ve gotten them yet.

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