Tower of God Mobile Game – Update Translations & New Events!!! (5/27 Patch)

Hey guys, there’s been a lot of new changes to the game after this weekend’s updates. So here is an explanation on some of the new items and rewards:

Ranking Tower – Interface


You can purchase more attempts with that yellow + sign. The price is 30 suspendium and 1 silver coin (VIP Coins) for 5 chances. You can only buy this twice (10 chances) so you can challenge them 20+ times a day depending on you VIP level for even more than 20. It is reset after midnight and you can buy again.

Ranking Tower – Rewards Chart


Ranking Tower – Challenge Screen


Ranking Tower – Team Information


Ranking Tower – Coin Exchange


Ranking Tower – Event

This is an event that can be done 7 times.

1st Round – Attempt Ranking Tower 10 times – 3 Star Random Card

2nd Round – Attempt Ranking Tower 20 times – 15000 gold

3rd Round – Attempt Ranking Tower 30 times – 150 Suspendium

4th Round – Attempt Ranking Tower 40 times – 4 Star Random Card

5th Round – Attempt Ranking Tower 50 times – 40000 gold

6th Round – Attempt Ranking Tower 60 times – 300 Suspendium

7th Round – Attempt Ranking Tower 70 times – 5 Star Main Character Pocket


Ranking Tower Event [May 27th to June 10th]

There will be 3 events until the next update.

Event # 1

Pretty straight forward. Hold onto 500 ranking coins (obtained daily by challenging 10 times) by the June 10th’s Update and you will get the reward

Reward: 300 Suspendium

Event #2

Achieve 20+ Victories by June 10th’s Update

Reward: 100,000 gold

Event #3

Reach the following floors by June 10th 10:00am (Just before the update)

41st to 60th Floor: 3 Star Random Card pocket to 10,000 people

61st to 70th Floor: 4 Star Random Card pocket to 700 people

71st to 79th Floor: 5 Star Random Card pocket to 299 people

80th Floor: 4 Star Ranker Pocket to 1 person (Rank 1) <- First time ever to have a ranker pocket offered in an event!



These items can be bought with the VIP coins you obtain whenever you use suspendium in the game. You do not need a VIP level because it’s set at VIP level 0 (no money spent at all on the game). The Max AP item can bring our total AP bank to 259 now. (Credits to KebRen from reddit for the picture!)

New Auto Re-Challenge Function

A new function has been added in Challenger Tower and Story mode. You can tick the box and confirm with blue button to have the game automatically challenge the tower again for your gold or suspendium farming needs. Really useful function for the mindless grinding!

Note: This function will continue to challenge that stage/floor until you run out of AP, lose, or manually stop the function.

AutochallengeButton autoChallengeWarningautoChallengeInGame



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    1. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m going to say yes since the last event series got taken out as well (the use a friend’s character 500 times, 1000 times, 3000 times… etc.)

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