Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 205 Quick Summary

This week, I can only offer a really quick summary. Sorry! EDIT: This will be the last summary I’ll be doing for ToG chapters. There are other people providing more detailed and more accurate summaries around, so there’s no point in doing these anymore. Thanks!

Rak sees androssi fly away with baam,koon,xiaxia on bong bong
Then Arie Inieta shows up
Inieta sees see’s Rak and says… “what the… I came to see who the slayer candidate is, and it’s a… crocodile..?”
Androssi lands in leesoo’s room with xiaxia & koon & baam.
Leesoo says how long has it been? Baam! Koon!
Koon says “Lee soo… You’re dead!!!” and chases him
Koon says “So androssi fell for Kaiser’s trap and is using Viole for the 2nd bet?”
Koon tells Leesoo that he should realize that they’re rivals. They need kAISER’S name as well.
Leesoo begs Koon to stay.
Rak fights Arie Inieta. He sort of reminds Rak of Hoaquin, and also made Rak bleed.
Androssi brings Baam to the other room to talk. She says that although she lost to Kaiser, it wasn’t because Kaiser was that strong. The truth is that Kaiser has a secret ability that could make her nearly invincible and she didn’t know about it. She won’t tell Baam anymore information unless Baam helps her get Kaisers name with her tomorrow. But she tells him another secret. Kaiser was to be a Zahard princess and is from one of the 10 families 1000 years ago.
But Baam says he cannot become her servant and help her because he also needs Kaisers name.
Back to Koon & Leesoo… They realize taht they’re rivals now and Leesoo is still begging Koon. As Koon was about to leave, Hatsu stops Koon and says if you’re leaving.. our rivalry starts now..

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