Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 203 Rough Summary

As always, this is just a rough summary that I never really proofread. Just thought this might help you guys with the 1 day wait for the English version. Enjoy!

Baam & Koon are greeted by the bears that Ran’s team also saw.

The name used for Baam was Jyue Viole Grace by the Name Hunt Station announcement. Khun and Baam thnk it’s weird because they erased that name right after the workshop battle. and Baam’s pocket even says his name is the 25th Baam.

Sachi chimes in says there might be someone here who knows that he is the slayer candidate for FUG

Rans still sleeping and xia xia wakes him up by shaking him up telling him baam has arrived.

Next, you’ll see a bunch of dead guys. Turns out Anak killed everyone and has her weapon at the announcer’s throat threatening him to read Baam’s name as Jue Viole Grace instead.

Announcer guy says what are you guys planning..?

Baam’s team clears the bears quickly.

Khun explains the rules of this station with the names and shows the pyramid system over here with Kaiser at the top and no-names at the bottom.

then they talk about how they gotta get all 10 names of the bosses by tomororw to fight kaiser

Xia Xia meets up w/ baam’s team and koon says hi to beta in the lightbox.xia xia also tells khun to pay up her $$$ and is finally happy lol.

they found out androssi lost to kaiser. and are super surprised.

xia xia hands baam a wig. telling him to be viole again for a while.

as soon as he puts on that wig, everyone hiding to confirm his identity comes out. saying “It’s him! the slayer candidate who disapepared after the workshop battle!”

They then all bow down to him and ask him to save them.

flash back to 2 days ago

ran & leesoo’s team talk. they’re talking about their plans to get all 10 names and challenge kaiser. the problem is they don’t know where the last 5 are hiding at. So they plan on using Viole’s name or reputation to flush out the remaining 5 bosses.

Dan chimes in and says wouldn’t they just hide more because Viole is here? Leesoo explains how the entire floor works and that many people who lost their names resent the system. So what happens if someone with the power to abolish this system appears? That would be Viole.

Announcer tells everyone who wants to recover their names to come out and meet jyue viole grace and says he’s going to challenge Kaiser and overthrow this station’s rules! Everyone comes out and asks Viole to save them.

Then the two zahard princesses talk about how smart viole is. Kaiser tells them to contact the rest of the 10 bosses and tell them to not fall for their provocation and hide until the end of the fight

and also… DO NOT touch viole grace. I will deal with him myself.

then you’ll see a bunch of the 10 bosses saying “kaiser says to hide?” one of which is called the human sword genius “Arie Inieta” who sort of looks like hoaquin from the back. he says: sorry Kaiser… I’m itching for a fight

Edit: The name I originally wrote was Arie Anieta. But the name is actually Arie Inieta on the raws. Got confused with 아 & 이 in my late night reading. I didn’t realize so many people were going to read this, so I apologize in advance for this low effort translation lol.


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  1. They are Naver previews, you need to have a Korean ID / phone number to buy it. Payers get 3 chapters in advance. SIU requested us not to leak the chapters, so most of the payers kept the previews within their community like Batoto / Imgur.

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