Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 202 Rough Summary
Keep in mind that I’m not a native speaker of the language and there COULD be errors in my translations. I’m also just translating these while I’m reading it, so it’s sort of a commentary style and not an overall summary.

Everybody is sleeping

Baam is having a dream, back to the demon inside him saying he devoured all the souls

*Next day*

Yuri tells everyone that they’re getting off at the name hunter station today

She asks evan “isn’t there a few people missing?”

Evan answers yes

Yuri says she was talking about Quaetro and Chang.

Koon says they left w/ Someone called Candy

*It looks like tangsooyook team has some sort of problem*

Prince yells at wangan saying “what?!??! we’re not going with viole?”

Wangan says correct. we’re going to stay on the train and not get off. and we’re going to pursue casano who’s on the train.

Prince says wait a minute.. didn’t they say they’re going ot the floor of death? how do we find those guys without any information?!

Wangan says the fact is that they’re on the train anyway. just believe in my plan.
If you think about horyang’s situation, we cant delay this anymore
we have to find casano and capture him. theres no point in waiting at the floor of death

*flash back to convo w/ hwaryun*

if it’s true what hwa ryun said…

even though i don’t know if horyang can be saved, there is someone on the team that will definitely die.
I don’t want that kind of path (The one Hwaryun is mentioning)
at any rate, i have to  capture casano quick and get off this train
we’re not going to get off this train
i can’t let anyone die no mater what. never.

Wangan tells Yihwa to get off the train and go with viole
yihwa answers with “why only me?”

wangan says you can be violes strength (you’re of use to him)
from now on, you can leave tangsooyook team and climb the tower with viole. because you’re strong. your power is more than enough to succeed.

OK. team meeting dismissed. everyone doesn’t have any opinions right?

he turns to koon and baam. and says hes got somethign to say.
he tells them about his plan to catch cassano.

koon says what are you guys saying. y’all look so reckless

wangan says they’re more than enough.
he says he’ll distract hoaquin and catch cassano and run away (not sure about thsi part)

koon says they have a point, but worried about them catching cassano in their state. it might be better to do it together..

wangan says they’ll try and see anyway. he’s feeling bad about not being able to do anything against hoaquin w/ them.
even if we go w/ u guys we’ll be in the way.

baam says alright. if you have those kinds of thoughts wangan, then i don’t have anything else to say. (i can’t stop u)
mr. wangan, it seems good for you to do what you think is right.
I’m worried about horyang even now.

wangan ok. i feel much better in my heart if you say it like that. thank you baam.
ok so we part ways here. even if you come back from name hunter station, meeting might be hard.
you must. take kaiser’s name.

koon asks baam if its ok. baam says yes. we won’t be able to take everyone to a dangerous floor like the floor of death anyway.

yihwa yells at baam. are u really going to send them awy like that? they’re our teammates right? our friends?!

from now on, we must take responsibility for our own strength.

yuri tells everyone to be quiet for a moment.

get ready, we’re already arriving.
You guys have until tomorrow before the train leaves.
go to that place and take kaisers name with you.

koon faces baam. asks him why his attitude is changed. the old you wouldn’t have let those guys go.
your decision is not something i disagree with. but did something happen at the rice pot? tell me truthfully.

flashback to rice pot 1 day ago..

demon says that he devoured all the souls

baam says that light? (The big ball of power)

*you can see the souls all saying this is unfair, this is unjust.. kill hoaquin, don’t forget…**

The demon says. do you understand now? Your power is the power to devour/absorb all things.
Absorbing other people’s power and making it your own and continuously getting stronger like that.

This entire chunk of text was really hard for me to translate. It’s a rough translation, so I would wait for other translations to make it more clear for you guys.
all those people were like snacks to you.
But does it look like this includes everything? of course not. the root of your power is only a merciless thirst.
this is the law of the tower. Stepping on anyone and everyone’s body to climb the tower. that is the kind of place this is.
Devouring anyone you find isn’t that what a true monster that suits the tower well?
you don’t follow the rules of this tower. however, are all your choices always the right way? of course not, right?
you received all this power and kept getting stronger. But you waste that power on keeping your friends.
what’s the difference between that and forcing them to sacrifice other things?
the justice you’re seeking, does not exist, not even in the least.
at the very least, it’s not inside you. it doesn’t exist in you.

Guardian: boy? the rice pot’s powerful incantation.. you released it on your own?

back to koon rak baam.

the power in you… to absorb all techniques. even that clone kept saying it wass weird that you’re ok after absorbing it all,  but.. i don’t really know either. (koon)

more talk about the morality of using this power. and how he wants to find out more about himself.

if I do get to the floor of death.. and find out what kind of person i am..

koon says. i see. well before that we should take kaisers name.

baam says yeah, before we go there, we gotta get yuri noona’s permission…


yuri tells baam to com eback safely. i honestly disagree w/ u going to the floor of death..

baam says he’ll get kaiser for sure.

switch to scene w/ ran and leesoos team.

announcement of arrival of the train.

announcement of baam’s team’s arrival one by one. <- Keep in mind Baam's name for the announcement is Jue Viole Grace and not the 25th Night (25th Baam)

androssi hatsu.. lee, ran.. all thinking “they’re here”

Kaiser says. jue viole grace? the fug slayer cnadidate who disappeared from workshop?

and top 3 d rank regular sachi and two people from the 10 familes? this team is quite terrifying.

the twin zahard princeses say this’ll be fun…


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