Tower of God Mobile Game Update 6/10 [Quick Summary]

I don’t really have time to properly translate everything for the update this weekend but I can probably get a more clean version up in a couple of days. so I’m going to give a very quick summary.

The friend system got revamped a bit. You can pick 3 people with those stars to be your favourite friends. They’ll be the people at the top of the list for “helpers” when you do story mode.

You can only delete 10 people off your list at a time every day until midnight which resets to another 10 people.

Rest are all bug fixes. No real new updates other than in-game “events” and then actual events hosted on forums.

most important event is this one:

People who have the most people to “favorite” their character will get prizes by June 24th’s update. These prizes are only for top 50.

Top 11-50 gets a 4 star random character
top 2-10 gets a 5 star random character
top 1 gets a 4 star ranker character

Keep in mind that you can only favourite up to 3 accounts on your friend list.

For the daily achievements, it is use a helper 6 times and kill 25 UNIQUE monsters in the story mode.

**** There’s also a bunch of korean forum events. It requires you posting and is a bit complicated for some of them. I don’t really have time to explain it right now, but I might be able to translate it in a couple of days.

On a side note, I’d appreciate if I can get some of you to favourite my account. I can change the main helper to most of the main characters that are fully maxed. Let me know if there are any requests!

My nickname is: Ivan
if you add me, I’ll most likely add you back.

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