Tower of God Mobile Game – Update (5/27) Ranking Tower Revamp!

Hey everybody, so there was no update this week because Raiz is working on a huge update for next week. The main changes will be on the VIP system and Ranking Tower. Looks like the Ranking Tower will be changing very soon, so you can forget about the current system!

*Keep in mind that I may or may not have misunderstood some of the Korean, so these translations are not 100% accurate (I tried my best!)

Vip benefits have been added

  • VIP system has changed from 10 levels to 12 levels of benefits
  • When you clear story mode stages, you’ll get bonus gold based on VIP level
  • When you clear story mode stages, you’ll get more exp for characters based on VIP level
  • During story mode, helper cooldown timer is reduced based on VIP level
  • When you clear challenge tower, you’ll get bonus gold based on VIP level
  • Increase number of times you can challenge other players in ranking tower per day based on VIP level
  • Increase number of cards you can hold in inventory based on VIP level (currently 100 slots)
  • Everyday you log in, you get AP in mail based on your VIP level
  • VIP Shop will now have the “Increase AP” and “Increase Card Inventory” items added. These are purchasable even though your VIP level is 0

Ranking Tower Revamp

  •  Room system will be deleted and will merge all 4 rooms into one. End result is 80 floors from 1F-80F
  • Due to merging of the floors, your current ranking will be scaled according to those 80 floors. Rank 20 in room 2 might change to something like rank 2000 (Just random example)
  •  Daily rewards (Suspendium) will be delivered to your mailbox at midnight based on the floor you end up at
  •  Weekly rewards. On Sundays midnight, rewards of suspendium, gold, and “ranking coins” will be delivered to you based on the floor you end up on. <- This one was worded a bit weird. Not 100% sure about the criteria for rewards yet.
  •  Daily achievement: If you challenge players 10 times a day, you can hit the achievement button for ranking coins every day. resets at midnight
  •  When you win a fight, the gold receive has been increased
  •  victory level up rewards will be deleted
  •  Items purchasable in shop for the “ranking coins” currency will be added
  •  The enemy team will now fight as if they clicked the “auto fight” buttons instead of having their whole team out
  •  Enemy team’s individual character hp will now be shown in a UI on the upper right part of the screen
  •  Both attacking and defending teams will gradually receive damage buffs when the timer passes a certain limit.
  •  List of challengers now show all players with a ranking lower than yours (don’t really understand this)
  •  Option to see the team information of your challengers has been added
  •  Option to purchase more “challenges” has been added
  •  Current Ranking score system will be deleted and will instead show how many victories the person has
  •  Players may now choose a “Defense team” for ranking tower. We used to have whatever our current team is as the defense team and was inconvenient when we leveled up in story mode.
  •  You may now edit your victory quote

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Quantz’s skill now does crits
  • HP buff stacking leader buffs has been fixed


  • The 5-5 5-8 stage quests for roses will be ending after this update. Please use all your roses.
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4 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game – Update (5/27) Ranking Tower Revamp!

  1. Hi! I’ve got a question about the new update. All the graphics seem worse in quality, is there any information about this? Is it permanent? I really hope not…

    1. Hey! I actually couldn’t find any comments on the graphics in the update notes. But there are complaints about it on the forums and the fact that it’s lagging too much in Ranking tower. There are also a few bugs with the new content (disconnect in ranking tower doesn’t count towards your 0/10 daily).

      So we’ll have to see if it will be permanent or not from their responses in the next little while.

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