Tower of God Mobile Game – Update 5/13 (Novick is out!) & Event for the New Character!!!

So in tomorrow’s update at 10am-2pm Korean Time, Novick will be added to playable characters. Unfortunately, Ran is still being held back due to some bugs with that character.

Other updates are mainly bug fixes and aren’t so detailed yet, but are just general bug fixes. Will update when I get more detailed info and have time.

On a side note, it seems that they will be having Yihwa’s 50% buff as a “hidden effect” that they’ll be adding to the skill description after the update as opposed to it being a “bug”. Not 100% sure yet, will need to confirm tomorrow. But if this is true… Picking your fishermen will have to revolve around your team strategy now. Maybe Novick will end up being better than Androssi or Yihwa.

Novick’s Skill: Crimson Soul Fist

Skill Description: Novick covers his fists with crimson-colored sinsoo that can push or block his opponents up to 2m range, inflicting 3 hits and unable to move for 3 seconds while all incoming damage is reduced by 50%. <-I’m not confident in this translation because of all the difficult words, but my guess is that he’ll attack with his red sinsoo fist punch into a red dome that will guard him for 3 seconds like in the Manhwa against Horyang.



Quantz Attack Damage Buff and Cool down Timer from 29 seconds to 19 seconds.

4-Star ATK 126 -> Changed to 264

5-Star ATK 186 -> Changed to 390

6-Star ATK 281 -> Changed to 590

Bug Fixes

  • Challenge Tower ranking Timer is now fixed
  • Yihwa’s 50% Buff is now a part of her skill and is added to the skill description
  • Xia Xia’s Heals have been buffed for 5 star and 6 star versions of the skill. From 7.5% (5-star) and 9.9%(6-star) to 25% and 35% respectively for 10 seconds.
  • Minor Bug fixes (like scrolling problems in friend list of story mode)

Novick’s Event

From May 13th to May 20th there are two events on-going.

  1. If you draw Novick during this period, you are eligible to received the rewards of a 4 star random card pocket, and 200 AP shortly after May20th Update
  2. If you evolve a Novick to 4-star or higher during this period, you are eligible to receive a 4-star random card pocket shortly after the May 20th Update

That’s all for this week’s update!

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2 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game – Update 5/13 (Novick is out!) & Event for the New Character!!!

  1. It’s great to finally have Novick in the game, nice art too! I wish we could also have Ran with this update, though. Also, I’m a bit surprised Novick’s classified as a fisherman, rather than a spearbearer.

    PS. Thanks for all the updates, you’ve really made playing this game a lot easier!!

    1. Yeah, I thought it was weird too. There was a guy on the Korean forums who mentioned that Novick and Ran might have switched their positions to hide their real position/abilities. It kind of makes sense because Koon Ran is actually coming out as a spearbearer…

      Thanks! I’m glad that it’s been helping you guys out since I’m not sure how many people are playing this game outside of South Korea

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