Tower of God Mobile Game Tip #7 – Strategy in New Rank Tower

Use Laure and right at the start, keep running backwards. When you’re at a good distance, shoot your shinsoo blast, and keep running back. Laure’s blast has knockback so the enemies can’t hit you if you run backwards again. This new system favours attack power, and you can do this to kill their androssi, or take out 1 or two characters. once the damage modifier reaches 3.0x damage, you can whip out your Rak and just unleash terror on their team with the HP advantage.

If you find yourself not good at measuring distance, you can just keep running backwards until the damage modifier is in the 3.0-4.0x range and use your knowledge of the class advantages to overpower them. Since it’s only an AI, we can do better than them at this. It’s very important to get the first hit and interrupt all their skills before they hit u.

Last note is to take advantage of a few things. The “combo” where you freeze the screen except your leader is a good way to wait for their team to come out and interrupt their skill while you use up all your AOE on their team. The “green arrow” leader skill can momentarily paralyse them for 1 second so you can get some damage in.

With this strategy, I have killed teams with 5 fully maxed out level 60s with only 3 characters (Laure, Rak, & Androssi or Yihwa). That damage modifier is the key to beating players with stronger characters than you. But at the same time, it’s what makes it so much harder because 1 mistake and you lose the match.


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