Tower of God Mobile Game Tip #5 – How to Kite in Ranking Tower

This is how you lure out the fisherman of the enemy team so that your Rak can comfortably tank other damage. If you level your Baam and Rak’s skills high enough, you can take out many teams with this strategy. The other types of characters just don’t have enough damage to take out your Rak if you do this and you can see from the video that I didn’t use any other characters on my team other than Baam and Rak.

If you get a high level Wave Controller, Spearbearer, and Fisherman on your team, you can beat most teams in the tower with the right strategy.

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2 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game Tip #5 – How to Kite in Ranking Tower

  1. Wow. This is completely amazing, I’m mind blown hahaha. I was taken aback when Baam started running backwards, but then I realised what’s happening and I can’t help laughing my head off watching Baam dodging all the attacks like a ninja lol, you really kite like a pro ;’D smooth animation from the game developer as well. Nevertheless, excellent strategy \(^^)/

    I did consider running back and forth as a strategy, but I didn’t really know how to use it well, so I ended up just staying there and taking all the damage. You did it so well, the whole scene looks like a cat and mouse chase between the whole team (especially Androssi) and ninja Baam haha, and it’s especially comical how Androssi was finished off once Baam stopped running lol. I’ll definitely try this

    1. Lol yep. I used to do this when my team wasn’t as strong. Now I only need to do this against really strong decks (like a Leroro + Miseng combo). There are other variations of this. You can of course do this to their entire team until you’re confident you can take them straight on. There’s also a version of this people used to beat stage 14 of challenge tower which was considerably harder than all the other floors. Good luck w/ the rankings!

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