Tower of God Mobile Game – Character Tier List

In this post, I’m going to be introducing a tier list of characters from the game.

They will be main characters only because they’re the only ones worth using in the game right now. I have also split them between Regulars and Rankers because Rankers just have higher base stats by default.

Wave Controllers

Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Laure AOE Allies +32% ATK DMG A
Baam Single Target Allies +35% ATK DMG B
Akraptor AOE Enemy Resistance -30% B
Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Ren AOE Allies +35% ATK DMG S
Yu Han Sung AOE Invincibility Buff B+
Kurudan AOE Allies ACC +30% B+


In the regulars section, Laure is the best wave controller to use right now. He has a full screen shinsoo blast that does extremely high damage. His stats are also high and quite durable when he is maxed out. If I were to get a 6 star character, Laure might very well be the first one for me.

baamComing in next is Baam. Our main character was very popular when the game started and still is. His attacks are powerful, and is still considered a very good character. The only downfall is that his attacks are single target and don’t deal as much damage as a full screen attack like Laure/Akraptor/Ren. If you haven’t been able to get a hold of the other wave controllers, Baam is a very safe character to level up and max. I still use him in my current Ranking team and he does quite well for the team.akraptor

The last regular on the list is Akraptor. His skill is a full screen attack and does really high damage. His downfall is that skill’s animation is extremely long and ineffective. He’ll get interrupted very often when he tries to unleash his shinsoo blast and that is why he is still in the B tier. If they make his animation quicker, I would move him up to tier A.

RenNow, let’s talk about Rankers. Ren is the absolute best wave controller in the game right now. His shinsoo blast is essentailly an upgraded version of Laure’s and does more damage because of the stat difference. An ideal set-up for a team would be to have both Ren & Laure as the main damage dealers of the team.yuhansung

Yu Han Sung and Kurudan both have high stats and do very high damage. Their skills are essentially the same type of Aoe. If you’re very lucky and get them, I would still max them and put them in my team over other characters than Laure. The only thing is that the AOE for their skills aren’t very big and usually only hits 1-2 characters.


Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Androssi Single Target Allies +22% ATK SPEED A
Yihwa Single Target Allies +25% ATK DMG B (A+)
Anak Single Target Allies +27% atk dmg B
Hong Chun Hwa Single Target Allies +20% ATK SPEED C
Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Yuri Single Target Allies + 30% ATK DMG S
Hex AOE Allies 27% ATK DMG A+(S)
Miss Strawberry's Partner Single Target Allies ACC +33% C


Androssi is the best Regular in this position IF and only IF Yihwa wasn’t bugged right now. Androssi has a low cool-down and high damage skill that is very essential in ranking tower to slay Rak, the most tanky character in the game and is often the first 6 star people choose to get. But due to a bug, Yihwa is currently better than Androssi.

yihwaYihwa has a high damaging skill, but high cooldown. She is B tier if she wasn’t bugged,  and she needs to be on a team that revolves around Rachel’s cooldown reduction skill. The bug is that after you use Yihwa’s attack skill, your allie’s next attack damage is increased by a whopping 50% buff. This is stackable with Koon’s 30% damage buff and is a very powerful combo in Ranking tower to take down any enemy.anak

Anak and Hong Chun Hwa are extremely weak characters that I just don’t recommend using at all. If you aren’t able to get Yihwa or Androssi, I only recommend bringing Anak to 5 star maximum. Don’t waste any resources on getting her to 6 star.

yuriFor rankers, Yuri is the best fisherman and arguably the best character in the game. Her stats are insanely high and can pretty much 2-hit a fully maxed out Rak in ranking matches. This is very important because Rak is the generally the reason you will lose against a team in ranking matches before you hit Ranking room # 3 and Ranking room #4.hex

Another notable is none other than Hex (fishermen instructor from season 1) who has a damage bug. Due to the bug, her damage is extremely high and is a fullscreen fishermen attack that will do more damage than Yuri overall. So if she doesn’t get patched up soon, she will actually outclass Yuri in this position. Miss Strawberry’s Partner is like an upgraded version of Anak/Hong Chun Hwa and not very good.


Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Rak AOE + Knockback Allies +25% Resistance S
Horyang Single Target Allies +30% ATK SPEED B
Aleksai Single Target Ignore Crits 6x C
Parakewl Single Target Allies +30% HP C

No ranker Spearbearers in game.


Honestly, Rak is the only one worth maxing out in the list. He has the highest resistance in the game and his skill is a full screen aoe attack that is very high damaging (Can reach 43k on Urek Mazino).

horyangIdeal ranking teams will have 2-3 wave controllers, and Rak can do 20-35k damage to ALL of them at the same time. So he is dishing out 60-100k damage every 6 seconds. Horyang does more damage, but his downfall is no AOE and less tank than Rak.

If you choose not to use Rak, you can go for Horyang instead. Aleksai & Parakewl aren’t very good in stats or skill damage.


Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Koon AOE Enemies -25% Resistance A+
Rachel Buff(Cooldown Reduction) Enemy -16% Resistance A ~ C (Situational)
Xia Xia Buff (Heals Leader) Ignores Crits 11x C
Prince AOE Ignores Crits 11x C
Goseng Buff (+ Crits to team) Allies + 20% HP D
Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Leroro Debuff(Freeze) Allies +30% HP S


There are only two lightbearers worth using and they are none other than Koon and Rachel. Rachel has the unique skill of lowering cooldowns of all your characters significantly. This means that if your team has 2-3 high cooldown and high damaging skill characters, Rachel is very effective. But if your characters aren’t like that, I suggest Koon.

koonHe is actually one of the top damage dealers in the game when maxed out at 6 stars AND has a 30% damage buff for the next allie attack. For this reason, he is considered a top tier character that adds huge offensive abilities to your team. This means that a whole team of damage dealers + Koon + Rachel is a viable strategy and will get you very far in the game. The remaining characters are quite weak and don’t have very high impact on your team.Leroro

Leroro is the best Defensive character in the game. He can stop the entire enemy team from moving while you kill them all. With this character, you can defend your ranking with a high success rate and will gain tons of victory points while you’re offline.


Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Hatsu AOE Enemy Res -20% B+
Miseng DEBUFF* Allies +20% HP B (A+)
Ship Leesoo Debuff (Enemy Res Reduction) Enemy RES -25% B
Jang Wangan AOE Enemy Res -25% C
Seonoonarae AOE Allies Movement Speed +25% C
Name Attack Type Leader Buff Tier
Evan Single Target Enemy Res -30% C
Miss Strawberry Single Target Allie Movement Speed +30% C
Quantz Single Target Allies Movement Speed +30% C


Scouts are really not used much in the game at all because they are all quite weak. If you do use them, there are only two characters worth using. Hatsu and Miseng. Hatsu is the highest damaging scout but fails in comparison to the other positions.

misengMiseng is a situational character. Her skill debuffs her enemies with 3 seconds of 60% movement reduction, 50% damage reduction of all incoming damage for 15 seconds and cooldown time of 9 seconds. She is actually on par with Leroro when it comes to defense and if you use her, you can keep your ranking spot and gain lots of victory points. But when your’e on the offensive she is not necessary. Using her takes away 1 damage dealer from your team and sometimes you might need that extra damage. However, if you’re finding your team dying too quickly, she is very useful. The other scouts aren’t very good statwise or Quantzbuffwise.

Scout Rankers are all quite terrible. Quantz has a 30 second cooldown skill that hits alot, but is totally not worth it even with Rachel. Evan & Miss Strawberry just dont’ do enough damage.

That’s it. Keep in mind that these are all personal opinions and may differ from others. Most of this has got ranking tower in mind, but very much applies to story mode as well.



15 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game – Character Tier List

  1. Yay, I’ve been looking forward to this one! Many interesting things here. I’m replacing Yihwa with Androssi now, I’ve always liked her more anyway.
    There’s sth that seems weird to me though, is Yuri’s hit really single-target? One of my friends has a 6 star Yuri, and I’ve seen her take down more than 5 enemies with a single hit on multiple occasions. Could it be a bug?

    1. That was the special attack, and here I think LoTN says it’s regular attack is single target. I wish I had Yuri, I always assumed she was one of the top 3 strongest in this game. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! I had just trained my androssi to 5 stars yesterday, and I had gotten both Androssi and Yihwa (my favorite female character), and after careful thinking and like 30 mins of testing their attacks, I decided to train Androssi. I felt like her normal attacks where really high compared to other characters I have, so even tho her special attack doesn’t seem as good as Yihwa, I assume it would deal more dps (damage per second) in the long run 🙂

      1. Yeah, Androssi probably does deal more dps in the grand scheme of things. Androssi is a safe choice to go with since Yihwa is just bugged at the moment. Good choice!

        Yuri is soooooooo difficult to get right now, I hope they offer some sort of Ranker pocket in the achievements or an event. VIP system makes u spend so much money just for a chance at getting her among the rest of the rankers… lol

        1. Yuri is perfect, I want her too. She deals up to 80.000 damage against Love (the usual is 60 k) or more with kun as leader. Just blasts everything out of the way.

    2. The skill description says single target/single attack, but it’s kind of vague to me. My reasoning is that characters who are labelled as AOE will deal damage evenly regardless of where the enemies are. Single target skills will do 100% of it’s damage to the enemy in the front and then there is splash damage to the back that doesn’t deal full damage.

      Most characters will do some sort of AOE (Androssi’s swords will also hit characters close to the leader), but characters labelled as AOE will deal huge damage to a large area or even full screen.

      Yuri’s description says single attack + 5.5m splash/ranged damage. I thought that her attack might just attack only ‘once’. But Androssi is also labelled single attack in the game but slashes several times in a combo sequence. So it’s either a vague description or I just can’t figure out the meaning of what those words meant.

      So for now, characters labelled as Single Taget means that their attacks are meant to deal the majority of the damage to the enemy leader and will do varying ranges of splash damage, whereas AOE will do full damage on huge areas/full screen.

      If anyone knows what’s the deal with the descriptions in-game, let me know and I’ll change it to something that makes more sense!

      1. Thanks for clarifying things. So that was the splash damage, it makes sense. After all, the characters she could take out at once were in story mode, so pretty weak. They just died from the splash damage. As for her skill, she only hits once, a single finger flick. and i think she also knocks most of the enemies back, but i can’t check that right now.

  2. Ah. So this is why my team died every time there’s Laure on the enemy team. Thank you for explaining the special characters, I’ve always wondered what Miseng does.

    1. random tip: time all your character’s attacks so that they all come out after enemy Laure uses his skill. This is so that only 1 character takes damage while your allies can attack when laure’s skill is still on cooldown.

  3. How do you get rankers? Do they come from the 2000 suspendium pockets as well, just very rare?

    I’ll try out the Laure and luring out fisherman strategy. I assume the fisherman will come out when you have a spear bearer as a leader? Thank you so much.

    1. Yes, Rankers come out from those pockets but the chances are like 0.0000000001% (not a real number, could be higher and could be lower but I’m just making a point).

      Over the months this game has been launched I think that less than 10 (known to the community) has been drawn from pockets. The other rankers come from the VIP system where they can spend 1000 silver coins for a random Ranker. This is for people who spend huge amounts of money on the game. about $800+ to get into the VIP tier system qualified to draw rankers.

    1. She used to be in between Baam and Laure. Similar damage and all. But then after some sort of update, her skill was bugged and was not attacking correctly. She’s been irrelevant ever since then. I’m not sure if it’s fixed or going to be fixed soon.

      1. I think it’s fixed now not sure what it did but it seems to hold the enemy in place stopping the single character from attacking. This is from my observation don’t know if this is true or if its meant to do something else.

        1. You’re right. Hwaryun’s fixed now and does quite a bit of damage (Combo with Khun and see Hp drain down). She’s still a bit underrated by Korean players but I’d put her higher than Baam and almost Equal to Laure in the Tier list. Not a bad character at all!

          FYI the skill is a huge sphere of shinsoo that deals ticks of damage (don’t remember how many times) for a set time. The damage dealt is very quick, so opponent’s skills are constantly interrupted and it looks like you can’t move.

  4. Are Aleksai and Novik any good?

    Right now I’m trying to max out Laure, Androssi, Koon, Rachel and Hwa Ryun for my main team. Does it sound like a good composition?

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