Tower of God Mobile Game – Boss Raid Dungeon is Here!!

So with the update from 6/30, the new Raid Dungeon was introduced. Here’s a little guide on this mode


So when you enter the raid dungeon mode, there is going to be an interface with a list of Raids in Progress. When there aren’t any raids happening, it’ going to look like this:


Here is the list of all raids that have been completed by your friends or yourself in the last 3 days


In order to discover a raid, you have to go to story mode and just keep completing stages. A raid will randomly pop up right after finishing a stage and the menu will look like this:


When you start a raid, this will be the interface. I’ve translated most of the buttons so it’s straight forward. The advantages and disadvantages are a set of rules that the Floor Admin has put on the battle. It can be something like 50% HP/ATK on Fishermen or even something like this battle costs 1.5x more AP. There will be a compiled list of advantages and disadvantages in the bottom of the post.


If you look at this picture, there were 8 participants in the battle. If you can get up to 10 participants in the battle, then the lucky reward will be in place. This reward is given to 1 lucky player from 8 of the 10 players (Founder and 1st place don’t get this).


You might notice this sometimes when you try to start the fight. This message only pops up if a character on your team is affected by the Floor Admin’s rules. You choose to ignore it and start the fight anyway. But it is recommended to change your team if it’s a high level boss and you’re interested in 1st place reward.


This is the battle screen. It’s pretty much the same as a normal fight with some exceptions. The Attack circle tells you when the Boss is going to attack, and ALL of your characters take damage regardless of where they are in the screen.


This is the rewards screen. As you can see, the founder always gets a reward and the 1st place gets a pretty nice one as well. The lucky reward that I mentioned earlier is only given if there are 10 participants in the raid. The reward on the right is always given to you as long as you have participated in the raid. The 1st place modifier is only applied to the participating reward and not the 1st place reward.


Here are some 1st place rewards that I’ve gotten from the raids. It gets pretty good as you progress. I recently got 100,000 gold from a lvl 42 raid!

10 11

Floor Admin Restrictions List


  • 입장 AP 50% 적용 – This battle only costs 50% AP
  • 발견보상 2배적용 – The founder gets 2x the rewards
  • 대미지 1위보상 2배 적용 – The 1st place ranking in damage will get 2x the rewards
  • 행운상 2배 적용 – 2x the lucky rewards
  • 전체 보상 2배 적용 – All rewards get 2x more
  • 참여보상 1.5배 적용 – Participating reward gets 1.5x more
  • 파도잡이 공격력 2배 적용 – All wave controllers deal 2x damage


  • 등대지기 체력&공력격 50% 적용 – Light Bearer’s HP & ATK dmg is reduced by 50%
  • 제한시간 50% 적용으로 감소 – The timer (usually 4 minutes) to attk the boss will be reduced by 50%
  • 전투 시작 시 파도잡이 이탈 – At the start of the fight, all wave controllers will die
  • 전투 시작 시 등대지기 이탈 – At the start of the fight, all lightbearers will die
  • 창지기 체력 50% 적용 – Spearbearer gets 50% HP
  • 낚시꾼 체력 50% 적용 – Fishermen gets 50% HP
  • 창지기 체력&공격력50% 적용 – Spearbearer gets 50% HP & and ATK DMG

That is a general list of what you should be expecting. But the generator has many different kinds, so I’m going to show you guys the key words to look out for.

파도잡이 – Wave Controller

낚시꾼 – Fishermen

창지기 – Spearbearer

탐색꾼 – Scout

등대지기 – Lightbearer

이탈 – When you see this word in the disadvantages, it means a certain class will die at the start of the fight

체력 – HP usually paired with 50%

공격력 – ATK usually paired with 50%

So just look at disadvantages for the class affected and then whether or not their hp/atk is affected or if they’ll die at the start to make sure you can use your best team.

Post any questions you have in this post and I’ll answer and maybe compile a list of frequently asked questions so everyone can see it. Happy Raiding!


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    1. Once you get to level 30+ bosses, theres a condition that kills 3 random characters on your team. If one of those random characters is your team leader, you will be unable to attack. It’s a bug and will probably get patched, but yeah there is a restriction that just kills 2-3 random characters lol

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