Tower of God Mobile Game – 6/24 Update

Hey guys! First off, apologies for the late update. I was on a trip and just got back! So here are the patch notes for Friday:

  • The maximum level has been raised from 60 to 70
  • Several Bug fixes including favourited accounts not showing up properly and the ranking coin reward counter not going up properly
  • Ranking Achievements (7 round series) has ended
  • Two new Events Added: Who can get to level 70 Fastest?! and Hurry Up! Level Up Event

Who Can Get to Level 70 Fastest?!

First person to get to level 70 will get a 4 star Ranker Pocket. However, this event has already ended at on June 24th 6:37pm Korean Time by a player named: 의느

Hurry Up! Level-Up Event!

Those who are able to achieve a certain level range by the July 8th update will get the following rewards:

  1. Levels 41-50: 4-star Random character pocket (normal, main, ranker characters)
  2. Levels 51-60: 4-star Main character pocket (main, ranker characters)
  3. Levels 61-70: 5-star Main character pocket (main, ranker characters)

All rewards will be sent out after the July 8th update.

Thank You Everyone!

I just wanted to tell you guys I ended up being the person with the 4th most favourites in the game. The reward is a 5 star main character pocket, but I will not be opening it up until the next update in case Koon Ran comes out. I will update with a screenshot on what I got when I do open it! Thanks again everyone, I couldn’t have done it without you all!


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