Tower of God Game Update (6/30)

Update post will be up tomorrow or in two days. I need some time to figure out the mechanics first and try things out. i just downloaded the update like 15 minutes ago, so I’m going to post a really quick summary. Keep in mind all of this will be revised in a couple of days in the case that there are mistakes.

Raids randomly show up after clearing a story mode chapter. People on your friends list can participate in these raids from Headon’s Raid section. It takes 20 AP to participate in it and there is a reward for person who does the MOST damage, person who discovered, and just participation reward. There’s also a reward for if the raid had 10 participants. After the boss is killed, it will take 5 minutes for them to calculate all the rewards and send them out to your mail boxes.

I think that the boss that gets discovered depends on the discoverer. My guess is that its based on how many boss raids you have discovered. This boss level will reset at midnight.
The event is like this:

From June 30th until July 7th 12:00pm

Event1: Participate in Raids

If you participate in a raid and damaged the boss and did damage to the boss, you will get a reward at the end of the event.

Participate 20 times+ = 1 3star+ character
Participate 500 times+ = 1000 suspendium
The Top 3 most raids participated = 4 star ranker pockets

Event 2:
The top 100 people with most 1st places in boss raids will get a prize

Reward: If you are the top 100 players, you will get 1 5 star random character pocket

Event 3 – Lucky Raid
If you ever receive the lucky raid reward that I talk about in the Raid Dungeon Guide, you will receive a main character pocket at the end of the event period

Reward: 1 main character pocket

New achievements:

If you get lvl 65, you get 250 suspendium
If you get lvl 70, you get 300 suspendium

Bunch of other bug fixes and ui changes like damage popping up really big.

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3 thoughts on “Tower of God Game Update (6/30)

  1. Is this game under maintenance now? Since 2 days ago i can’t play tog. I really confused because it uses korean language. Please reply me.
    Sorry if there’s a mistake in my typing.

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