Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 204 Rough Summary

As always, just a rough translation. Take it for what it is!

Chapter starts off everyone begging Viole-nim to get their names back. They’re all on their knees and Viole wants them to get up first.

Xia Xia interrupts and begins her announcement (part of her plan with leesoo I guess)

XiaXia: Attention everyone! Viole-nim is very tired after getting off the train! In preparation for battle with Kaiser, he needs to rest! So from now on, please follow the orders of the Four Heavenly Kings of FUG!

She points at Sachi, Yihwa, Hwaryun, and Rak.

They are the loyal servents of Viole-nim. The Four Heavenly Kings of FUG!

The Merciless Sorcerer Sachi Faker, Top 3 of D-grade Regulars!
The Human Torch Yeon Yihwa!!
The Human GPS(Human Navigation) Hwaryun!!
The Real Monster who was born from the Banana farm, Rak Wrathraiser!! *Rak: what the hell?*

XiaXia: From now on, everyone should become the Four Heavenly King’s servants until Viole takes Kaiser’s name tomorrow!

All you have to do is block off the 10 bosses’ servants for us!

The no-names are carrying Rak over to the no-name dorms while yelling “Real Monster!” “Real Monster!!”

Koon to XiaXia: What is this?!?! Why did you make Baam into Viole again? And what is the FUG’s Four Heavenly Kings?!

XiaXia: This was an operation to help get Androssi’s name back! I’m just doing a favor taking into consideration of leesoo and you guys! Their main objective is not to make Kaiser and Viole fight!

Cut off to red haired guy talking to Viole.

Red haired guy: Kaiser is truly a demon! Please kill Kaiser!! My comrade’s names have all been taken by Kaiser and also did this to my eye!

Cut off to Hatsu & Leesoo

LeeSoo: It looks like the plan went well. But the 10 bosses still haven’t moved.

He gets a message from Koon on his pocket:

From “My love, Koon”: You’re dead when I meet you.”

LeeSoo: ah… he’s mad…

Even though we used Viole’s name, the bosses still haven’t taken any action. This was not outside of what I predicted, but…

Hatsu: It looks like Kaiser’s more of the cautious type. (They expected Kaiser not to be)

Leesoo: No, this might be the opposite. There’s no way the 10 bosses can ignore this. Maybe… maybe Kaiser isn’t cautious, and is being aggressive? There’s the possibility that Kaiser wants to personally deal with Viole.

Cut back to Red Haired guy with Viole

Koon: Look here, let’s stop this ok? *Koon throws red haired guy to the ground*

Koon: We’re obviously here for Kaiser. But that’s for our personal reason and not anything like saving you. No matter how bad your situation is, you don’t need to tell this guy over here (Baam). Understood?

Viole is not someone who will make your wishes come true. So even if you hate Kaiser that much, go deal with it yourself. Stop being an annoying little brat.

Kaiser: Looks like you guys ordered the no-names to their accomodations. What a shame, I wanted to show them how I personally take your name.

You must be Jue Viole Grace? You were easier to find than I thought, that’s a relief.

Red Hair: It’s Kaiser!!

Everyone’s surprised Kaiser suddenly showed up.

Kaiser: I thought the Slayer Candidate would have been some rough and built kind of person.. but you’re just a boy.

So why did you suddenly show up at the station and cause an uproar? I can’t imagine that the Slayer Candidate of FUG would sympathize with all the no-names here and care about their situation…

What is… your objective?

*Xia Xia sents a message to LeeSoo that Kaiser showed up*

Leesoo: I knew it! So it was the opposite! I’m going now! Let Androssi know too!

Back to Kaiser

Kaiser: I’ll ask one more time. Why are you here, Jue Viole Grace?Why did you show up here all of a sudden?

Viole: Your…. Your name, I have come to take it.

Kaiser: So it seems.. you too..

Red hair guy suddenly yells at kaiser and attacks. But his arm evaporates as he tried to attack Kaiser.

Kaiser: You fool, did you already forget the rules of this station? In this station, before applying/registering to fight me, no one can touch Kaiser. It’s impossible. He then insults the red haired guy who disappears completely.

Koon: If you attack Kaiser, you disappear instantly… That is a ridiculous rule.

Kaiser: You’re right, it’s pretty ridiculous. However, I’ve been able to maintain this station for so long because of this rule. This is not a place you can just come and go.

Jue Viole Grace, you don’t need to wait any longer. If I leave you alone any longer, this place will only get more chaotic.

I have given you permission to try and take my name.

From now on, you will fight me with your name on the line, Jue Viole Grace.

Koon: This happened way faster than I thought…

Kaiser attacks Viole with something he couldn’t see. They question whether it was shinsoo or not.

Kaiser: Don’t interfere, boy of the Koon family. I have obviously warned you earlier. do you want to disappear too?

But you’re right. A weapon that you could not see just went by.

Koon: No way… is that an “Invisible Inventory?” I knew it, using the lighthouse, you can sort of see it’s shape.

An inventory that makes all weapons its holding invisible.. How did a D-grade regular get their hands on such a high ranking item?

Viole!! be careful, Kaiser has an invisible weapon!

Are you ok?

Viole: I’m ok! I can’t see it clearly, but I can feel it to some extent. I think I can read it’s movements!

If I can’t see the attack, I just have to make an opportunity. Before Kaiser attacks… ATTACK!! *Viole attacks with a huge shinsoo blast*

Kaiser blocks it.

Koon: What’s that? Armor Inventory?! (SIU’S note: Armor Inventory: A moving armor that can neutralize enemy damage and can store weapons in it as well)

Kaiser: That was 7 bangs (rooms of shinsoo)… This is the first time I’ve seen a D-grade regular with 7.

XiaXia: A D-grade armor inventory? that’s crazy expensive!! It’s hard for even a ranker to get that! Invinsible Inventory and Armor inventory…

Koon: Hmm.. That’s at the level of the 10 families treasury. I didn’t know there was someone other than me who would do something so crazy.

One possibility that would make sense is if Kaiser is receiving support from the 10 families. If we go by Xia Xia’s words.. this station has relations with the 10 families and might be conspiring together to make Kaiser the ruler of this family by all giving all these items to Kaiser.

However, there’s no way Kaiser can keep this place in order for a thousand years with just that. Beating Androssi would still be difficult with all that.

It’s obvious that Kaiser is still hiding something. Baam! Be careful, there might still be something else kaiser’s hiding!

Baam: Kaiser has taken the names of tons of people.. Although I’m not fighting for those people, I did fight Hoaquin earlier. And I understand a little bit about the overwhelming power. This person can’t reach that level of power. I will now take your name, Kaiser.
^ I wasn’t sure he meant in this part, so I’d wait for another translation to be sure.

Kaiser: Kaiser sees the thorn and thinks what is that? the red thing. It seems like that side is also hiding something. But even with something like that, in front of “THIS POWER” nothing can—- sudden interruption before Baam clashes with Kaiser’s hidden power.

Androssi flies in with Bong Bong.

Androssi: We haven’t seen each other for so long, what’s with that face?

Look Kaiser, I told you that before I lose to you that you can’t fight anybody else. If you don’t listen to my words… (I think that androssi escaped with Bong Bong when she “lost” to kaiser before)

Kaiser: Androssi Zahard.. Do you two know each other?

Androssi: I don’t know, is it possible to explain our relationship with “just an acquantaince”? The truth is that we’re dating!

Baam: Eh?! Miss Androssi?!

Androssi: So I’m going to take this boy, since he was always mine!

Androssi flies away with koon, xia xia, and baam.


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