ToG Mobile Game Tip #3 – Double Your Daily Rewards

Hey everyone! I’ve talked about daily rewards and achievements in my past posts and today I’m going to show you how to get it TWICE.


There is a bug that players have been exploiting to give us double the rewards everyday and here is how to do it.

  1. Make sure to stay logged in before 12:00am Korean Time (Google current time in South Korea to figure when that is)
  2. When it’s 12:00am in Korea, the rewards are reset. When this happens, DO NOT LOG OFF.
  3. Complete your dailies for 150 AP, 50 Suspendium, 3000 gold, and your High Grade pocket (random 3 star+ card)
  4. Stay logged in for 3 hours to get the 100 suspendium, 35000 gold,  130 AP, and your High Grade Pocket (random 3 star+ card) <- This one is optional if you don’t want to stay logged in for 3 hours.
  5. After you have achieved that, log off. Then log on again
  6. You will then find that every single reward that you’ve claimed before logging off, is obtainable AGAIN.

This bug happens because your log-in reward isn’t given to you until you log in again. The developers probably put code into that section of the game to reset all the rewards when you receive the log-in reward. So the key to doing this is staying logged in until you can take all the rewards and then re-log to claim again.

So if you do this everyday you can get: 560 AP,  200 Suspendium, 76000 gold, and 4x High Grade Pockets(The most important reward). This is extremely good and will help propel your characters to 6 star very quickly.  So try it out today! (In a little less than 6 hours from this post).


3 thoughts on “ToG Mobile Game Tip #3 – Double Your Daily Rewards

      1. In the update that fixed that bug, another bug was produced.
        This new bug doesn’t allow you to gain anything extra,
        however it is rather convenient, what it does is…

        On daily reset (12am KST), your daily quests and ranking tower star progress crosses over to the next day, allowing you to claim your rewards, without doing the tasks required again that day.

        (example: On day 1 you participate in 5 ranking tower matches, and complete every daily quest, claiming the rewards on day 1, then on app start of day 2, you have 5/10 ranking tower matches completed for the stars, and all daily quests are finished and redeemable for rewards automatically.

        How to replicate this bug:
        (note: my timezone is AEST = 1 hour ahead of KST)
        Have your phone set to a time ahead of KST
        (so it hits midnight on your phone before it does the server)
        Leave the app running from 11:59pm phone time till 12:00am,
        then any time between 12am phone time, and 12am KST,
        go to the daily quest tab and repeatedly tap the claim 40 suspendium button, you won’t gain any extra suspendium though, after you’ve tapped it a few times, exit the app,
        and don’t reopen the app till after 12am KST.
        after reopening the app, your quest and ranking tower progress will be the same as the day prior, if you completed all daily quests, you can receive all daily quests rewards without doing the required tasks again.

        Few notes:
        If you open the app between 12am phone time and 12am server time (KST) your daily quest progress will reset (no extra rewards).
        After 12am phone time, the shop will claim you can obtain your daily pocket/attack stones, don’t attempt obtaining them, you will receive an error message and the app will reload.

        Extra notes for clarification:
        To replicate the bug you must open the app before 12am phone time, and stay in app till after 12am phone time, and after tapping the 40suspendium reward in the daily tab repeatedly, you must exit the app and stay out of the app till after 12am KST before reopening it, or all quest progress will be reset.

        Important note:
        After using this bug, you won’t be able to claim the 40 suspendium reward for the day until after your phone reaches 12am again (but before KST 12am reset)

        TL;DR version: Have phone time reach 12am before the server does, open the app before your phone reaches 12am, after it does, attempt to repeatedly claim the 40 suspendium daily reward (won’t work though) then exit app and wait for server to hit 12am, then open the app (any time w/in the 24hrs after that) and claim all daily quest rewards without doing the actual tasks.

        Screenshots/proof current as of 23/07/2016:
        Image Legend/Key:
        K2 = 40 suspendium button to tap
        K1 = 5/5 ranking tower matches
        K3 = 5/10 progress to 50 stars
        K4 = currently left attacks (haven’t attacked today) 10+1 for VIP

        I accidently stumbled upon this bug a few days after the one posted above was confirmed patched, after experiencing logging in with all my daily quests completed already with rewards to claim, I decided to spend a few days experimenting until I was able to replicate the effect repeatedly and flawlessly.

        I stay up late (currently posting at 4:30am ;P), and my timezone is naturally 1hour ahead of korea, so I haven’t tried editing my phones time, but I’d assume doing so would produce the same results.

        Side note:
        Thanks for making this site and keeping it updated, It’s really helped me a lot in the game, especially the translations and coupons ;P

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