Tower of God Mobile Game Tip #2 – How to Make Your Characters Stronger

Hey guys, Today I’m going to talk about something many players don’t do and end up not being able to clear story mode fast enough to get the really good rewards. This is a video on the subject.

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How to Level Your Character’s Skill

There are many good rewards for clearing the stage quickly. But without damage, you are simply unable to get those rewards. That’s why your focus should be levelling the skill damage of your characters. If you don’t level your skills, it doesn’t matter how many stars it is. A 6 star Rak will do the same damage as a 1 star Rak if you don’t do this.


So to do that, you should click on your character card in the Team Management menu of the game and then click on the “Skill Level Up” button.

Skill Menu

From here, press the Level-Up button again.


Then you just spam the level-up button until you max it. This is very important, and is where you’ll be spending most of your gold on. This is the chart for cost of levelling your skills:

Cost of Levelling Skills
Levels Cost Levels Cost Levels Cost
1->2 525 20->21 5867 40->41 42,549
2->3 604 21->22 6,567 41->42 46,276
3->4 694 22->23 7,340 42->43 50,258
4->5 796 23->24 8,192 43->44 54,504
5->6 912 24->25 9,130 44->45 59,024
6->7 1,043 25->26 10,161 45->46 63,827
7->8 1,191 26->27 11,292 46->47 68,922
8->9 1,358 27->28 12,531 47->48 74,317
9->10 1,546 28->29 13,886 48->49 80,019
10->11 1,758 29->30 15,365 49->50 86,035
11->12 1,996 30->31 16,977 50->51 92,370
12->13 2,263 31->32 18,731 51->52 99,030
13->14 2,562 32->33 20,637 52->53 106,018
14->15 2,896 33->34 22,704 53->54 113,336
15->16 3,685 34->35 24,943 54->55 120,986
16->17 3,685 35->36 27,363 55->56 128,967
17->18 4,148 36->37 29,975 56->57 137,278
18->19 4,663 37->38 32,790 57->58 146,124
19->20 5,234 38->39 35,817 58->59 155,540
- - 39->40 39,066 59->60 165,563
Levels Cost
1->10 8,669
1->20 41,143
1->30 141,474
1->40 410,477
1->50 1,036,208
1->60 2,301,420

13 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game Tip #2 – How to Make Your Characters Stronger

  1. !!!! No wonder my 3-star team keeps dying. Finally cleared the daily dungeon after levelling up! This is awesome.

    I’d like to know more about strategies to level up characters! Like leader buffs, using friends’ characters (there is such a thing right? not sure how it works), and how come I managed to win even though the boss didn’t die etc. I want to get ranker Baam but he’s only 3 stars now OTL takes forever to level up.

    Btw, what’s the point of doing the challenger’s tower? It seems like I didn’t get any rewards or experience.

    Thank you so much for helping us navigate and enjoy the game, it’s so confusing to play this game w/o understanding Korean haha. I love your guides 😀

      1. I will try to show you guys the best ways to level your characters and all in future guides. It takes a bit of time to edit/translate them, so I’ll try to answer your questions first!

        Each character has their own leader buff. The buff you receive is whoever is currently in leader position. You can change your leader during your fight too, sort of like a tag-team system. I’ll write more about that in my next few guides. But first I’ll name a few of the main character’s leader buffs:

        These are for 6 star characters, meaning it’s the strongest version of it. for example, 1 star is -5%, but 6 star is -25%.

        Koon = -25% enemy resistance
        Rachel = -16% enemy resistance
        Hatsu = -20% denemy resistance
        Baam = All characters +35% attk damage
        Laure = All characters +32% attk damage
        Rak = All characters +25% Resistance
        Parakewl = All characters +30% HP
        Miseng = All characters +20% HP
        Aleksai = Ignore criticals 6 times
        Anak = All characters +27% atk dmg
        Androssi = All characters +22% attk dmg

        Challengers tower is the place to farm gold. When you’re strong enough to beat the last 4 floors, you can make tons of gold to level your characters. The downside is that you get no exp. So challenger tower = gold, story mode = exp.

        You can use friend’s character. If you tell me your nickname, I can add you, and you can add me back to use my characters. They’re all maxed out so you can get pretty far in story mode with my characters.

        Certain levels have conditions for victory. Some characters are too strong for your team, so they only want you to take it down to 80% hp, or 40% hp, or clear 20 monsters, run 30 meters behind the boss.

        As for quests, each one has a different condition and I haven’t translated them yet. But if you tell me which chapter/level you’re on, I can give you a quick list. Don’t forget to do the daily achievements I labelled in my interface guide. They’re really good rewards that you should get everyday!

  2. Hello, another question on a character, sorry for spamming

    I have a very strange Rachel, obtained as a reward for clearing a stage. Her skill is maxed, her attack stats are written in Korean, and when she uses her skill, blue Korean words show up instead. I’m not sure what’s happening, or if I should continue training her.

    I’ve pm-ed you on reddit to thank you for adding me as a friend, and to ask this question, but I’ve got a new evidence (the blue words) so I thought I’d ask here again.

    Thank you so much!

    1. I’ve already answered you about Rachel’s skill on reddit. But to answer again, she lowers the cooldown of your used skills significantly. This is a very powerful skill to have on a team full of high cool down damage dealers (laure, baam, yihwa… and more)Always remember to use all your other character’s skills first and then using Rachel right after. Their skills will almost all be ready to be used again after that! She is worth it if you build a team around her.

      As for the Ren, that is an “ingredient” card. It’s sole purpose is to be a 3 star card for you to sacrifice in either upgrading to +5 or evolving your cards to 4 star. From what I know, there are also 4 star Ren’s for ingredients too. Unfortunately, you have sold your Ren card (I’ve labelled that button on this guide page with Koon’s character screen)

      And don’t worry about spamming. People who are playing the game probably have a similar problem and wanted to know about the same thing. This also helps let me know what I should post next on the site! Feel free to ask any other questions. (I’m actually not sure who’s your character, but my guess is that your name starts with an h and ends with an e? lol)

      1. Oh, cause random people added me, and some of them are maxed, so I assumed it’s you haha. I’ve posted a beginner’s guide recently on tumblr, and one of the pictures showed my nickname. It’s KanekiKun. Here’s my tumblr I’m not sure if all the facts are right lol.

        btw, how do you accept friend requests ;’D I don’t want to reject by accident, but I don’t know what’s going on in the tabs.

        For Ren, NOOOOOOO that’s exactly what I needed T^T I should stop clicking on random buttons haha, I’ll be patient and ask next time.

        1. Haha yeah, that’s not me. There’s no way I would have known your username without you telling me. I just added you. My username is just my first name and I’m level 60 (I prefer not to post my username up) so you’ll recognize it. Nice blog btw!

          On a side note, can I link your guide from my interface guide? It’s a nice guide to help people setup the game, and I haven’t written one yet. Let me know what you think.

          1. Sure! Feel free to share anything on my blog actually. I’ve actually seen a setup guide before in reddit, but I couldn’t find it, so I made one for my followers.

            Yea saw yours, and I understand. Thanks for complimenting the blog 😀 I spent way too much time on it lol.

            I was thinking of having a wiki actually, for easy navigation, but I don’t know how to make one. I’ve posted on reddit, let me know what you think too!

            1. Awesome, I’ve linked your blog on my Starting guide!

              I commented on your post on reddit. That sounds like a great idea, but I’m not sure on how to make a wiki or have the time to work on one. This site has been taking most of my free time, and I’ve been working on a huge post that’s going to come out tomorrow or sooner.

              But like I said, if you’re planning to make a wiki, let me know and I can help out with questions!

  3. I’ve certainly got a long way to go until i max out those skills… XD I’m in the 30s and it’s reaaally getting expensive now
    I also wanted to ask a question about a specific character; how exactly does Miseng’s skill work? You said before she reduces enemy damage, and I’ve noticed my team lasts longer with her, but I don’t understand how long the debuff lasts, etc
    Btw, great job on the site!

    1. Haha yeah, but you’ll find that once you get your first character maxed out, the money will come rolling in from the challenge tower. That makes it really easy to max it quick!

      My next guide coming out will be explaining this, so you can read about the other characters too!

      Miseng’s skill debuffs the entire enemy team. For the first 3 seconds the observer debuffs their movement speed by 60% and you’ll see that they’re moving in slow motion. At the same time, it will reduce all incoming damage by 50% for 15 seconds. Cooldown is 9 seconds.

      Miseng is a character that shines most in defending your deck at the Ranking Tower. My team literally takes no damage when she’s out. So if you’re looking to make your team last longer, use her. But people switch her out for more offensive decks to maximize total damage output.

      Thanks! I’ve got a bunch of cool stuff coming out soon, so check back later for those!

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