Tower of God Mobile Game Tip #1 – How to Maximize Benefits from the 5000 Suspendium Coupon

If you’ve visited my coupon post, then you would see that there’s a really good coupon (Until end of this month!!) for 5000 suspendium which is like $70+ worth of cash items. This is what I would do if I started and had this much suspendium, and I believe it will be the best start to this game.

First, Spend 4000 Suspendium on the 3 star+ Card draw (10 cards at once). You will be able to do this twice. This option guarantees that you will receive at least 1 main character, and that’s very important. Main characters are the only ones worth using in this game. I will write a Character Tie guide later on, but here are some of the best characters in the game right now: Laure, Baam, Koon, Rak, Miseng, Horyang, Androssi, Yihwa, Rachel, Hatsu.



With your remaining 1000 Suspendium, go to the shop menu and click on the AP tab at the top. Then scroll all the way to the right and you’ll see something called AP MAX. You should spend all 1000 suspendium on this item.


After you buy it out, your AP pool should be around 150+. AP is what allows you to attempt dungeons and story mode. Without it, you are unable to play. You gain 1 point every minute, and it fills up to max whenever you level up. This will maximize the number of dungeons/story mode levels you can attempt per day and not have to log on every hour. The current max is at 209.


That’s all. Do this quick before the coupon expires!


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