Tower of God Mobile Game – Starting Guide

Incalzando already wrote an installation guide on the game, so please check that out!

This guide will be on the UI of this game.
Once you’ve downloaded and set up the game, you will start off in this screen.
Just click the screen and you’ll head into story mode with Headon and then straight to the nickname creation page.
Enter your nickname and make sure it’s under 10 chars. After you do that, click the box and register your nickname. Next is choosing your faction.
Each faction has it’s own team buffs. Currently the highest populated faction is Walhaiksong at ~28k players Zahard at ~15k players and FUG at ~13k players
After you have chosen your faction, keep clicking through the tutorial. It’s pretty straightforward. You can also choose to skip the animations by pressing these buttons.
After finally going through the entire tutorial, you will arrive at the main screen of the game.

Stay tuned for the next guide on what all the menus mean.


6 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game – Starting Guide

    1. Some personal experiences – if you don’t mind.

      I usually use the 2000 suspendium pocket, since it guarantees a main character. Main characters are cards with a silver border around their names. I’ve never gotten a main character from the 200 suspendium pocket before, although it’s technically possible (I think).

      If you’re interested in ways to earn suspendium quickly, I’ve compiled the Admin’s advices here

      Personally, I would split my time equally between Story Mode and Challenger Tower before buying the 2000 suspendium pocket – I’ve noticed that I get much luckier that way, and most of the time I get very good main characters. If I spend too much time on story mode, I usually get main characters that I already have, or second tier main characters. I’ve gotten most of the best characters in game + my favourite characters this way. This is just personal experience though.

      Hope you get her soon! I’ve gotten mine on the 28th day of playing. Wish you luck!

      Thank you Admin for all the advices.

      1. Thank you very much to both,I don’t speak English but this forum has helped me a lot. (And Google Translate)

        I hope to get lucky

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