Tower of God Mobile Game – Interface Guide

In the last post I ended it at the main screen of the ToG Mobile Game. In this post, I’m going to explore where all those buttons take us.



So the game actually tells you what grade regular you are! The last rank to achieve is High Ranker. Here is the list and requirements:



This is the menu and is pretty self explanatory. Make note of that “Delete Account” Button! Don’t press that, or you’ll delete all your data.


Log-in Rewards

You will received a reward for logging in every day and there are up to 28 rewards. Once you get to the last reward, it will roll-back to the first day. The reset is at 12:00am Korean Time.


Challenge Modes

There are currently 3 playable modes in the game.

  1. Ranking Tower -> You get to attack other people’s deck to take over their rankings. There are 4 rooms, each with a condition to enter. The last room is where all the top players are at. Each room has a ranking from 1 to 900+ and there are rewards for reaching rank 1, top 10, top 50, and top 100. This is what you would get in very last room: Last Ranking Room. I will write a more detailed guide on this mode and the challenger tower later on.
  2. Challenger Tower -> There are 20 floors in this mode. Each floor has got a boss monster that you must defeat. You start off with an easy 20 floor dungeon for *practice*, and then the real one starts after that. At the last floor of the tower, Urek Mazino will show up.
  3. Daily Dungeons -> There is a dungeon for every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. Each dungeon will have it’s own reward of suspendium. If you clear all 7 dungeons by Sunday, you get a bonus 150 suspendium reward. There is also an event dungeon once a week for 200 suspendium.




You can purchase character cards and attack stones in the first tab of the shop. The second tab is where you can exchange your suspendium for gold, but I do NOT recommend it. I will explain why, in another guide. Just know that it is not worth it. The Suspendium & Packages tab are all cash items you can buy with money. The third tab is where you can exchange suspendium for AP (attack points to play more) and the last tab is where you can exchange items you get from dungeons for cards.

The main shop you will be using is the first tab labelled “Pockets”.  Here you can purchase character cards. You can purchase normal cards (1 star = 66% chance. 2 stars = 33% 3 stars = 1% and it is unknown on the probability of 4-6 stars.) You can also exchange 200 suspendium for 1 card guaranteed to be 3 star and above. Again, this one is not recommended because the next one is more worth it. 2000 suspendium for 10 cards (3star +) and 1 card guaranteed to be a main character.  The last one is the Attack stones, used to upgrade your characters base attack power. You will get 5 random stones when you pay 30 suspendium.

I labelled the button where you can get 1 card and 1 stone for free everyday.



There are daily achievements you can complete for rewards every day and then there are general rewards as well. The dailies are the ones that give really good rewards, so I have translated that first. The general achievements list is very long, and not worth explaining because you will clear most of them while playing the game anyway. I will translate those in a later post.


Team Management

In the team management  you will be making your deck, selling, upgrading, and evolving your cards. I have labelled all the menus. The skill testing will pit your team against a test dummy so that you can see what the skills of the characters look like. The collection opens up a list of all the characters in the game and shows you which ones you have. Another guide dedicated to upgrading/evolving will be written later.


If you click on the “Collection” Button in the bottom left corner, you will enter a library with every single character in the game. It’s a cool list to check out the stats of all the characters from 1 to 6 stars and keep track of which cards you own.


When you click on a character card, it will bring you to this menu.


Each character has their own leader buff. There will be a separate guide for level-up, upgrade, evolve, and skill level-up because it is more complicated and an important topic of it’s own. The Combo Buff shows you the order you must use your characters in order for your character’s next attack to receive a 50% damage buff.

Daily Rewards

This one is pretty straightforward. While you are logged in, you get a reward at the 5 min, 20 min, 45 min, 1hr 20 min, 2hr, and 3hr mark. It will reset at 12:00am Korean time.



If you have questions about the game or want to request a guide on something, please leave a comment below and I’ll see how I can prioritize what I post.


23 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game – Interface Guide

  1. Thanks a lot! Your guide has been very helpful 😀

    Do you mind if I ask what are the coins for? And where can you view all the characters / character customisations. I’ve seen videos for it, but I can’t seem to find them on my interface. I’ve accessed them accidentally once and couldn’t find my way back since haha.

    Looking forward to your future posts! I’m really excited about this game 😀

    Thank you!

    1. Hey there! Do you mean the gold coins? They’re for buying more cards, levelling skills, upgrading and evolving your characters to higher star levels!

      I believe you’re talking about the “Collections” button I’ve labelled in the “Team Management” Section. That will take you to a library of all the characters in the game from 1 star to 6 star. I’ve updated the guide with a picture of the library, so I hope that helps.

      Let me know if you’ve got any more questions, and I’ll update the guide in case I’ve missed some things. I’m glad that it helped you out!

      1. first image:
        1) buy emily’s heart item. reward: 4 star main character
        2) Challenge ranking tower 10 times. reward: 3 star character pocket

        second image:
        1) Fight hatsu with only Baam on your team. reward: Anak
        2) Attempt story mode 500 times. reward: 50 AP
        3) Attempt 20th floor of challenge tower 3 times. reward: 30 AP
        4) Finish vol1. ch.11 of story mode reward: 30 suspendium
        5) username level 20. reward: 30 suspendium

    1. You mean the general achievements? I’ve asked similar questions here, but I’ll compile the answers I got.

      You can view them here . I’ve translated most of those I’ve achieved.

      Continuous quests are those that renew themselves once you’ve achieved them. For instance, if your account reaches Lvl 40 and you claim the reward, the achievement will update itself to give you a new reward once you reach Lvl 50.

      The “Not sure” achievements are usually trivial (nothing you have to do specifically) and can be achieved just by playing the game. Those that I’ve not achieved are mostly reserved for content later to be released, so they’re not achievable at the moment.

    1. I’ve compiled Admin’s advices here! Basically, you can:

      1. Login on Weekday nights (between 9pm – 12am Korean time): 100 suspendium
      2. Earning “Suspendium Maps” rewards
      3. Collecting Daily Rewards, Daily Achievement rewards, and Daily Ranking Tower rewards
      4. Maxing characters
      5. Completing all Story Mode Quests + Clear all stages with 3 stars

      More details can be found in the link!

        1. There is no way to do so. The advice that Incalzando has compiled is currently the quickest way to get suspendium other than buying it with $$$

        2. Restart the Story Mode? If you mean repeating, I do repeat a specific stage if I fail to get 3 stars, or when I’m stuck and I need to level up my characters – I usually do that at suspendium maps (see my link in the above comment). If you haven’t checked out the Quest Rewards, you can find them here too

          One of Admin’s advice to progress in Story Mode is to get one of your characters to 6 stars fast. They are exponentially stronger and will get you very far – I completed all the stages with 3 stars once I got my 6star Rak + a 5star team. Of course you will need to level up their skills It’s expensive but really worth it. I was once stuck at F14 of Challenger Tower, but I went all the way to F20 after levelling up 3 levels of all my character’s skills. Same goes with Story Mode.

          If you don’t have enough 5 stars characters for evolving, just evolve your 4 stars, it’s not worth waiting for them from the 2000 suspendium pocket (it takes forever). You can check these out for evolving guide

          You can also use helpers, if you don’t have friends yet, feel free to add the admin (Ivan), me (KanekiKun) or our friend (ulrezaj) and favourite us (by clicking on the star) haha, there’s an event going on with rewards for the most favourited, and we do have maxed characters for your use.

          Oh and I forgot to include the Daily Dungeon. It’s usually 30 suspendium a day, 50 suspendium towards the end of the week, 150 suspendium if you complete the whole week’s worth of dungeons (Monday to Sunday), and 200 suspendium for the “Weekly Dungeon” (it’s the last one)

          Yep it’s pretty difficult to get 2000 suspendium haha. Usually for maxed / near-maxed players, the fastest speed we can get them is around 2 days. But I wouldn’t recommend that, since that would mean you need to focus a lot on Farming Suspendium Maps, and for me, doing that usually doesn’t give me a good Main Character from the 2000 suspendium. I now split my time about equally between Challenger Tower and Story Mode, and I got all the good characters that way haha.

          Hope it helps!

    2. Yeah, there are no cheats for this game. You’ll just have to do those things that Incalzando has compiled for the quickest suspendium!

  2. Your guides have been a big help! But I’m still confused on how to get anaak as an achievement reward. What do I have to do?

    1. find the stage where Hatsu is the boss. Make sure there is only 1 person on your team, and that is Baam. Fight him and win, and you will receive Anak!

  3. i accidentally pressed “delete acc” from the menu without knowing what it was..and now i can’t log in anymore.

    what should i do?


  4. I think it’s almost the same as before, but have more options, i don’t know all well but somehow i make it far enough ;P

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