Tower of God Mobile Game Coupons – Updated Daily (7/29)

The game is currently holding an event where they hand out coupons daily after 4pm until May 1st and I will be updating this thread with coupons everyday until then. We found the last coupon early, so there will be no more new coupons daily. I will post any new coupons that come out, but there won’t be one everyday anymore.

There’s a really good coupon for 5000 Suspendium which is worth like ~70 bucks in cash items. It’ll be good till April 30th 11:59pm Korean Time. Today is the last day for you guys to get it, so I hope you get it before you miss this chance!

To get to the coupon code screen, hit the options icon in the top right corner.


On the far right of the menu, it is the second option which looks like this “쿠폰”


Once you open that up, paste “에밀리의마음” without the quotes in the textbox and press the blue button. You’ll find your free suspendium in your mail box.



***For people who JUST started the game, here is how I recommend using the 5000 suspendium reward***

  • Use 4000 Suspendium on drawing cards from the third option in the screen (costs 2,000 suspendium so two times) and then use the remaining 1000 suspendium for the MAX AP option in the AP tab of the shop to expand your AP pool. I have labeled the shop in my other post.


4/25 – Coupon for 200 AP: 흰철갑장어 Valiid until April 26th 11:59pm Korean Time.

4/26 – Coupon for 200 Suspendium: 포켓 Valid until April 27th 11:59pm Korean Time.

4/27 – Coupon for 50,000 gold: 부리미 Valid until April 28th 11:59pm Korean Time.

4/28 – Coupon for 400 AP: 세대 Valid until April 29th 11:59pm Korean Time. <– 400 AP is REALLY good!!

4/29 – Coupon for  300 Suspendium (Whoa!): 방 Valid until April 30th 11:59pm Korean Time.

4/30 – Coupon for 100,000 gold: 멕세스 Valid until May 1st 11:59pm Korean Time.

5/1 – Coupon for 200 Suspendium 200 AP (Last Day): 엔류 Valid until May 2nd 11:59pm Korean time. <- Someone guessed the last coupon for this event, so I’m posting it early. This marks the last coupon of the event. So I will update again if there are any more coupons.

5/5 – Coupon for 3 star Baam and 505 AP: 방정환 Valid for the next 6 hours-ish.

5/8 – Coupon for 300 suspendium, 200 AP: 카네이션 – No time limit has been given, because this was a quiz event that suddenly popped up on notifications.

5/23 – Coupon for 200 AP: 밥솥 – Valid until May 24th 11:59pm Korean Time

5/24 – Coupon for 200 Suspendium: 꼬맹이 – Valid until May 25th 11:59pm Korean Time

5/25 – Coupon for 50,000 gold: 랭캉답 – Valid until May 26th 11:59pm Korean Time

5/26 – Coupon for 400 AP: 134 – Valid until May 27th 11:59pm Korean Time

5/27 – Coupon for 300 Suspendium: 비선별인원 Valid until May 28th 11:59pm Korean Time

5/28 – Coupon for 100,000 gold – 붉은탑 Valid until May 29th 11:59pm Korean Time

5/29 – Coupon for 200 Suspendium & 200 AP – 77 Valid until May 30th 11:59pm Korean Time

6/6 – Coupon for 300 AP, 300 Suspendium, 30,000 gold: 61주년 – Valid until June 7th 11:59pm Korean Time

6/27 – Coupon for 200 AP: 리얼몬스터 Valid until June 28th 11:59pm Korean Time

6/28 – Coupon for 200 Suspendium: 내사랑쿤 Valid until June 29th 11:59pm Korean Time

6/29 – Coupon for 50,000 gold: 사귀는사이 Valid until June 30th 11:59pm Korean Time

6/30 – Coupon for 400 AP: 7개 Valid until July 1st 11:59pm Korean Time

7/1 – Coupon for 300 Suspendium: 베타 Valid until July 2nd 11:59pm Korean Time

7/2 – Coupon for 100,000 gold : 카이저 Valid until July 3rd 11:59 pm Korean Time

7/3 Coupon for 200 AP 200 Suspendium: 헤세 Valid until July 4th 11:59pm Korean Time

7/26 Coupon for 200 suspendium: 화염방사거북이 Valid until July 27th 11:59pm Korean Time – For those who missed the 7/25th coupon, there was a coupon but no reward. So there wasn’t actually a reward because they forgot to register it!

7/27 Coupon: 크리슈나 Valid until July 28th 11:59pm Korean Time

7/28 Coupon for 400 AP: 카이저의이름 Valid until July 29th 11:59pm Korean Time

7/29 Coupon for 300 Suspendium: 경매 Valid until July 30th 11:59pm Korean Time

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4 thoughts on “Tower of God Mobile Game Coupons – Updated Daily (7/29)

    1. I update this whenever there are coupon codes. As of now, there are none being given out. You’ll have to be patient for the next wave of coupons!

  1. Hello, yesterday I installed the game and I played it for about 40 minutes. At about 2 pm, I started to have problems. I tried again many times, but he always gave the same problem. I am attaching the picture also.
    How can I fix? And I’m sorry for my English, I am still a boy. Thanks for your time spent

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