Taking Requests (Updated)

Hey everybody, so I feel like I have a bunch of the basics for the game down already and covered most things you would need to play the game comfortably. I’m currently taking requests for guides/videos. If you have anything you want to know more about, please leave a comment below and I’ll make a list of things I can work on.

I’m also not sure how many people are actually playing the game and are following this, so I’m just going to start making guides/videos on what current viewers are confused about and want to know. So just let me know what you guys are concerned about!

Update: As of now, I am going to slow down with updates. Keeping this post stickied for anyone who has questions or would like to request a guide. I feel I’ve covered most thingsย you guys needed to know, so I’m going to just post Updates /Coupons for the game until I get more requests or see new content that needs explaining.

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for offering to help – I’ve finally managed to compiled what I wanted to ask here http://imgur.com/a/CnobT

    Some of the questions are quite long, so I’ve copied and pasted them here

    1. How did you evolve your characters efficiently? I’ve maxed Baam and Rak’s skill, Ehwa and Khun currently working on it – was spending all my APs on Mazino to level them up. Planning to upgrade and evolve them after maxing Ehwa and Khun, but I will probably spend a lot of money on buying cards since I don’t think I have enough for all of them.

    I’m currently earning about 500 suspendium a day (thanks to you for using my character as helper so much haha), w/o doing story mode. What is your main source of suspendium, or your source of characters to sacrifice for evolving?

    Does the story mode end at Vol 2 Ch 5? The quest rewards seems pretty good, and I’d hate to see it go.

    I’m at around rank 8000 in the first room of the ranking tower – recently I’ve been losing around 70% of my challenges, even to players with much lower account level than mine. Hence I was wondering if there’s something not quite right with the way I work with or compose my team, or even with the way I handle my gold / suspendium. Did you focus on flushing out good characters with suspendium before you spend money on evolving your team?

    2. Is there a way to kill Mazino quickly? It seems like he has a lot of special skills that disrupts the battle. I’m currently using “tutorial mode” by clicking the two buttons on top of the “change leader” button so I can auto run the battle while doing other stuff.

    What do you think of the “tutorial mode” as well? It seems like it is focused on dealing maximum damage, because it switches leader from Rak to Baam towards the end of the battle, and it kept spamming Rachel to get Baam to use his skill.

    There are cases where Rak uses his skill, misses Mazino completely and does no damage, and yet requires cool down time – is there a way to avoid this, or is this just probability? This is probably the reason I kept dying at higher stages – I couldn’t deal enough damage before one of my team mate dies.

    My Rak sometimes hit 1300, 1800, 3000 or 4000, but I’m not really sure why this is so. Even when I use Rak immediately after Ehwa, he just hits the usual 1800.

    3. For the following three floors, I didn’t manage to clear them with 3 stars after multiple attempts, even when using Yuri or other maxed helpers. Was it simply because my stats isn’t ready?

    Is there a strategy to deal maximum damage? Because I’m using mousepad (seems like mac bluestacks don’t have keyboard options), there’s a lot of times when I had to move away from the attack button to summon characters.

    Even if the skills are summoned, my characters die because the waiting time was too long, even with Rachel around. Do you use the combat buff a lot? How do you use it, if at all, to maximise damage? By 50% damage, does it only apply to the skill used immediately after the combat buff is activated, or for as long as the combat buff is flashing?

    Again thank you so much.

    1. 1) In this game, 6 stars are exponentially stronger than a 5 star because of the scaling of your damage. This means that the strategy of maxing your entire team of 5 before going to 6 star is not a good idea. Your priority is to get your first 6 star and max him (skill damage) ASAP. Like I said before in making your characters stronger, the skill damage is most important. But we need to also evolve them to unlock the skill damage level cap too. So in order to strike a balance, I recommend you try to get just 1x 6 star card with a maxed skill first. After that, it would be a good idea to do what you’ve been doing with the other 4 cards. Either Baam or Rak will be fine. If you max Rak, he will do about 23k damage on Urek. Here’s the cool part. You don’t need to max Yihwa or Koon yet to get a huge damage boost. Use both Yihwa and Koon at the same time to get a +50% and +30% damage buff for Rak’s next attack. He will instantly do 43k damage to Urek on his next spear throw.

      for evolving efficiently refer to my new Random Tips post. I’ll have a more in-depth guide to that in the future, but it should give you a good ideal on evolving.

      For suspendium, I don’t really think about it but I got to 2k every 2-3 days without quest rewards (I’ve already finished it all).

      The double rewards daily gives a lot of suspendium everyday, and I abuse that quite a bit. Check out that post if you haven’t.

      Since I have a ton of gold saved up, I use “suspendium maps” in story mode to get 16-18 suspendium often with the AP I have stashed up. Any map that you can finish with rewards similar to VOL.1 Ch. 11 Stage 15 (Hwaryun). Those stages give you a chance at a pocket in replacement of 1 of the gold rewards. But what we’re after is not the pocket, we want the suspendium. The probability of getting the pocket is lower than suspendium. So when gold pops up as the first reward, you can spend 3 suspendium for a high chance at the 16-18 suspendium reward. If gold doesn’t pop up as the first one (lucky if you get the suspendium) don’t spend 3 because you will get gold 90% of the time. Gold probability is really high and that’s why other maps with two gold rewards are not worth farming for suspendium.

      Whenever I farm suspendium maps, I use 1 strong character & 4 random 2-3 star characters. When they reach their max level, you get free suspendium in your mail. You’ll notice that an M appears next to their name when they max their level. This means that your 1 time free suspendium reward has been used up. Thankfully there are alot of random variations of characters you can use for this. I get suspendium from leveling all these characters to 20 or 30. And after that I sacrifice them all to level up my main characters very fast.

      I also see that you use up all your AP in the mail but that is not a good idea for efficiency. Especially when you’re level 28. Every time you level up, your AP fills up to the max and that is alot of free AP. time your AP items so that they’ll help you level up but never spill over what you need. You want that AP timer to always be running to maximize how much AP you get for free. This is because when you’re lvl 60 (no more free ap) and have stronger characters, you finish Urek in 3-5 seconds and finish stages in like 1 second. 200 AP will be used up in like 10 minutes and then you don’t have much to do after 10 minutes of playing other than ranking tower.

      Also, the good news is that you’re lvl 28. Every 5 or 10 levels you get a HUGE suspendium award especially in the last few ones. You’ll get a couple thousand of suspendium off that as you level.

      I get alot of suspendium from Ranking Tower rewards. In the last room, going all the way to rank 1 can net you 1k suspendium for the monthly reward. 200 suspendium everytime you level up. This is really good for people only at victory level 1.

      Combine the 2x dailies, suspendium maps, and everything I talked about AND random coupons every week you will have a good source coming in. New 300 suspendium & 200 AP coupon is up btw.

      P.S. For evolving resources, double rewards bug can get you 4x 3+ star cards everyday.

      2) Like I said in #1, getting your first 6 star is crucial for not only killing Urek but clearing everything in the game easily. You really only need 1 6 star as well. With a level 60 Rak, skill maxed I don’t think you need more than 12-18 seconds to kill him. Maybe even less. With Baam & Rak, you can end it in 5 seconds. Some people clear it in 3 seconds.

      To me, those auto functions are purely to clear levels for you while you’re tabbed out on something else. It’s not something that will maximize damage, but it’s quite decent and might do better than a human player who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s priority is to keep your characters alive so it will switch leaders often. I don’t think it’s advanced enough to take advantage of leader buffs and stuff though.

      Rak misses because Mazino was in an area that Rak doesn’t cover. Mazino also has several skills that will interrupt a skill when you get hit. You should time your skills so that he won’t get the chance to hit you before the skill comes out. That’s the problem Akraptor suffers the most and why I said he wasn’t very good in my Tier List guide.

      In the game, there are “crits”. The chance for a crit seem really high, and they’re just the red damage you see. But Raiz has never explained this system and no one really knows what’s the deal with it. But it happens so often that people just assume it’s the normal damage. Also I don’t know how to explain it, but Rak’s spear skill has a sweet spot where characters will take the most damage.

      For those 3 stages, do you know how much time it takes for you to clear it with none of your characters dead? 3 stars stage clear is usually a time issue. From what I can see your team really needs a 5-6 star. That should solve the problem when you have a level 50 or 60 skill. Those floors are kinda hard to clear perfectly with a team of 4 stars in my opinion. You will have to take advantage of every opportunity in the combat system. If it’s a time issue, I recommend using a 6 star Laure/Rak helper. They do huge AOE and clear entire waves in 1 shot.

      For the story mode box(#6 of your questions), refer to my story mode guide. The entire enemy screen has been translated. It’s the time limit on stage (4mins) and time you have to complete stage to get the 580 gold (3 mins)

      Ranking tower red box(#7) is your score in ranking tower. It’s a good indicator of how strong your opponent is. If you win or defend successfully, that score goes up. There is no use other than that currently. The max you can see of other people is up to 10,000 points. But it can go higher and only you can see it.

      Those small numbers(#8) mean which team you’ve put it on. So rak is currently on your team 1,2, and 3. You cannot sacrifice characters on a team. Drag it out of your teams to sacrifice them.

      #9 is just your leader skills. They’re useless and no one uses them. If you do need to use it though, there is only 1 I recommend. It’s the last tab with the green arrow. It can temporarily freeze the enemy team and slightly increase your damage. Use that for positioning and stalling for cool down times.

      #10 That’s the expiry date of items in your mail. It means you have 13 days 23 hours 17 minutes left.

      I forgot about this, but now I am considering doing a post on all the quests and objectives in the game.

      clear the stage with Rak
      clear the stage with Rak
      clear the stage with Anak
      clear the stage with Anak and clear the stage with Kurudan (most people haven’t done this one yet because ranker’s are hard to get)
      It says beat Hatsu with Baam ONLY on your team (1-man team with Baam)
      Attempt story mode 1000 times (continuous quest) but I think 1000 is the last part of the series of this quest
      Upgrade cards 40 times (continuous quest) <- new quest will pop up when you finish this Evolve 10 times (continuous quest)

      1. I forgot to answer your question on ranking tower. I don’t know what the situation is in ranking tower 1st room right now because I went into the next room within first week of game launching. But 4 star teams seem a bit weak to compete nowadays. You need at least 1 strong card to deal the damage while your 4 stars can support the main guy (you’ve already done well with evening their levels and skills)

        I did try to get good characters, but I just have the worst luck. I finally got androssi and laure this last weekend and I guarantee you that I’ve spent over 60,000 suspendium on those card draws. I got to the last room rank 1 using only the basic characters (Baam, Rak, and Koon) so you really don’t need better characters. If you can get a high level Baam and Rak, you can beat any team that’s not full 6 stars (still doable) WITHOUT a 6 star maxed out Rak.

        In ranking tower you need to kite their team and take out their fishermen before you engage them straight on. This is because fishermen are the only ones who can take out a high level Rak. Try to lure out their fishermen and kill them by kiting with Baam. Then when they’re dead put Rak on leader, tank all the damage and slowly kill them all. <- this is hard for me to explain, i may do a video on it soon. But again, I think your problem is that you should pool all your resources into 1 character first. 6 Stars are just THAT much stronger than 4 stars. Make sure you try to max the SKILL of that character though, otherwise there's no point evolving him that far. It's sort of flawed how that works. You really need the damage in ranking tower.

  2. Thanks for the advice – after I got a 6-star Rak in making, I managed to clear the stages (My Rak can hit 10k now wow) and progress in the Ranking Tower. Sadly I moved to the 2nd room w/o claiming the top 100, top 50 rewards in the 1st room, so now I’m locked out of it D: I’ll be sure to take those in the 2nd room this time.

    Btw, in your last comment above, what do you mean by kiting? Changing leaders?

    For the suspendium map rewards, it seems like I always get the G token whenever I spend 3 suspendium after getting the gold reward, so I gave up and just wait for the 16 suspendium to come to me lol. Now I mainly max random characters for the suspendium.

    (1) How do you manage / get more APs? Even with abusing the daily rewards and timing the level up refills, I’m already feeling the crunch perpetually.

    In the past, how did you divide your APs between farming gold in challenger tower and training in story mode? Whenever I focus on one or the other, I either end up short of cash, or short of suspendium for cards for upgrading.

    When you evolve characters (at least for last time), does your flow go like this: Challenger Tower > Max Skill > Story Mode > Exp + Suspendium > Buy pocket > Upgrade & Evolve > Repeat, for 1 character at a time? I’m still amazed at how you got into the 2nd room by the end of 1st week haha.

    (2) Story mode: For the characters you use to train at suspendium maps, what are your main source of characters? Do you often buy the gold or suspendium pocket? I can’t seem to get enough of them, they’re gone in a blink after I upgrade, evolve or level up my characters. Or am I simply too impatient lol, I am practically evolving once every day or two.

    I currently have one 6-star, four 5-star, eleven 4-star, eight 2-star, nine 1-star, used up my 3-stars for upgrading. I got so stuck with Rak (not enough 5-star cards), that I began to evolve my other characters. I was eyeing the 5-star reward for clearing one of the stages, but my team is not strong enough to get there yet, that’s why I’m evolving them now.

    A lot of money and cards was wasted on failed upgrades too, I lost about 250k and 19 cards on 5 failed upgrades. I was running them on 60%-70%, but once it failed on me even with 95% (including the bonus). Tough luck. I’m mostly running on 70-80% now.

    I actually sacrificed two 5-stars last time because I didn’t know that the card requirements for evolving – I used to think that any card will do lol. At any rate, I think I’ll face the same problem with Baam very soon – I’ve only gotten six 5-stars cards since I started playing 2 weeks ago.

    Here’s my progress http://imgur.com/a/kPtQ1

    (3) What do you do with the 1-stars anyway, max them for 5 suspendiums? I had so many of them, I started to use them for upgrading because of my card shortage, usually in combination of 3 or 2-star cards.

    (4) If you are currently upgrading Androssi, do you mind making a table of how much it costs for each upgrade (just the gold, for one sacrificed card) and to evolve for each star? I need to constantly estimate the cost so I can put the gold to best use. I know it’s difficult though, so don’t mind it if you’re not evolving any characters now.

    (5) Do you mind translating the skill descriptions in the link? (at least for Khun Baam and Ehwa)? I was just wondering what the numbers meant, like 4m, 10% etc. How did you differentiate between a bug and a legit skill, like Yihwa’s 50% buff vs. Khun’s 30% buff?

    Do you mind translating the general achievements as well? There’re so many suspediums rewards there. I think I’ve only claimed 1/3 of the achievements.

    Thank you so much. I found your answers and your last few posts really helpful, I was in a rush so I didn’t manage to comment on them. Congrats on your 6-star Laure ๐Ÿ˜€

    (6) You seem to have a different 3-star Baam, Hwa Ryun and Khun in your card list? Are they the first batch of cards?

    Thanks again. Hope I make sense.

    1. Grats on your progress! I forgot to mention you’ll get locked out. Some people don’t take their victory level reward and stay in one room before moving on. If you ever get into 4th room, I might be able help you get the rewards by letting you kill my weaker team to take my ranking spot.

      I will put up a video of kiting the enemy team as soon as I can. It’s really hard for me to explain it in words. But basically you control your characters to lure out their enemy skills one at a time so that they’ll miss your character and you’ll take your damage. You do this until their Androssi/Yihwa/Fishermen characters come to the front and kill them with Baam or any Wave Controller.

      This is because Those characters are the only ones who really take down chunks of your Rak’s HP. I literally beat full 6 star teams with this strategy when I only had Baam and Rak at 6 stars.

      Yeah, it’s a split between G token and suspendiums but I have gotten 5-6 suspendiums in a row before. The tokens are also good to have because you’ll get ingredients 2-5 stars anyway. So if you’re trying to upgrade/evolve this strategy is working towards getting you ingredients anyway.

      1) Whenever I get AP in the mail, I don’t really use them until I need to. My AP bank is at 209 and I only really go on to use that 209 and go back on to do it again in 3-4 hours.

      I might need to do a mini guide on daily mail rewards, but everyday you get 100 AP into your mail at 8am, 12pm, 6pm, and 100 suspendium at 9pm. You must log in from 8am-11:59pm and the same until 9pm-midnight of Korean Time.

      On weekends, you get 200 AP at 8am,12pm,6pm and a 3 star+ random card at 9pm.

      I am actually in an abundance of AP like 4000+ in my mail right now, but I think it’s because I’ve already completed most of the essential characters. AP from coupons and weekends realy stack up in my mail.

      You might just have to be patient if you’re using up every AP you get in the game.

      2) I use the G tokens for my source of 2 stars, and if I don’t have any, I spend 20k gold and usually get 3-6x 2 stars depending on my luck. I just mass-sell 1 star cards because they’re not worth my time but if you’re desperate for suspendium, you can train them to level 10. In my latest vid, I have used a bunch of them in upgrades as well.

      For 3 stars, I get 2k suspendium almost every 2-3 days like I said before and just spend it right away for the 10x 3 star+ cards. Getting another 200 suspendium from ranking tower soon and nearing 6k saved up because I don’t need to draw cards anymore until Novick & Ran come out.

      I think you’re tight on all that because you’re already maximizing every little opportunity already and you’ll just need to be a bit patient for now. I was probably at that point as well but I’ve been playing this game since the first week of launch so I eventually got to where I am now doing what I post on this forum.

      My rule is to never use 4stars+ for upgrading and only for evolving. In the video on upgrading a 6 star video, I did 55% chance success for every single one of my 6 stars. I usually only fail 2 times max (I’ve gone +0 to +5 w/ no failures before too). Guess it’s a luck thing.

      As soon as you have levelled your important characters, start power levelling your 1x 4 star card to lvl 40 for every 5x 4 star cards you have. That is how I preprare 5 star cards for evolving to 6 star in advance. your Eleven 4-stars are two 5-stars in my eyes. Just need a bit more resources to make it happen.

      I value ingredients > money because it’s kind of easy to get gold but maybe you’re just really unlucky lol. Tbh I secretly think that success rates are more terrible after they added the failure bonus. But it could just be a bias.

      You can try going for 90%+ success rate instead like I did with 5 star Laure video. I usually only do ~60% chance for 5 stars but I wanted to show you guys the supposed safe setup. If not, I usually gamble my way with low chances.

      Your progress for 2 weeks is pretty good tbh. I don’t think I was that efficient when I started playing and had to figure everything out on my own despite the language barrier lol.

      P.S. if you need a different helper character for that level with the 5-star reward, let me know. I’m not sure which boss it was but maybe you can use a more approrpiate class and Use Rachel to reduce cooldowns for that. I can put any of my maxed characters up as a helper, just let me know when.

      3) If you need suspendium, it’s a good boost. Use your strongest character, a good helper, and 4x 1 stars in your team and you can max them to 10 in 2 story mode runs. That’s 20x suspendium every 2 runs. I just sell them because they take up space and I’m too lazy to cash in on the free suspendium.

      4) Just made a post on that!

      5) I don’t understand it 100% but Khun’s 30% might be a bug as well. From what I understand, those buffs are originally only supposed to apply when they are the leaders (for leader buff). But they are in efffect after they attack the enemy. And Yihwa just wasn’t supposed to give that huge a boost in the first place. The korean forums call it a bug, so I just left it at that.

      Anytime you see #m it just means how many meters their attack reaches. I’ll try to get something up on skills as soon as I get some downtime.

      For general achievements, I didn’t translate them because they’re impossible to complete right now or that you will complete it anyway as long as you keep playing. Most of those 5 suspendium rewards are for content later to be released.

      The only ones you haven’t completed so far is completing the last chapter in the game, reaching Grade A regular (check interface guide for qualifications), and the last one for 50 suspendium is getting to level 40. That reward will appear again for you to get to level 50, and level 60. So even if I don’t translate those you will eventually get them all. Rest are impossible to get ATM. I will upload something for it anyway later though!

      6) These are from the first week event. They’re special cards with Traditional Korean outfits and cannot go any further than 3 stars. Maybe they’ll release these again later on!

      Thanks for asking all these questions. I’m sort of out of ideas on what to write about next. So I got a few out of this post!

      1. Thank you for all these, and offering to help (I really really appreciate that)! I’ve progressed a lot collecting APs at those times, and managed to clear all the stages ๐Ÿ˜€ Now I’m just preparing the cards to power level Rak and upgrade him once I evolve him. I’ve been getting suspedium from the maps and the 9pm reward as well, and now I got a Miseng! At this rate I can get 2000 suspendium every 3-4 days ๐Ÿ˜€

        I”m nearing top 100 in the 2nd room, so it’s still quite a way to go till the 4th room (If the requirement to enter is lvl 8 I’ll need to beat 260 more people right, still haven’t reached lvl 5 lol), but I think my team will be strong enough to beat people by then. I’ll tell you though!

        Btw, wow, from how you translate stuff I thought you’re a native Korean speaker. I couldn’t have been this efficient without you though, so again thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. No problem! It could be less than 260. When you log off, set your deck to the strongest possible so they can try to defend your rank. Every win = 1 point. As a heads up, when Ran comes out he can be a top contender for best spearbearer alongside Rak. That is what many Korean players are speculating and hopefully he will be out soon (since Novick came out last week!).

          Looking forward to see more you guys in the last room!

          and yeah, I’m just doing this as motivation to improve my Korean and share with you all at the same time lol. Good luck!

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you would like to open a facebook group with me for the Tower of God game(s). It would be a place for sharing our experiences, and also to keep in touch without having to open reddit treats,etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sure, let me know how you want to do this! I’ve been thinking of starting something for people to discuss their progress, strategy, or even post pictures of their lucky card draws. I was maybe going to host a small forum on this site, or even make a subreddit. I’m just not sure how I want to approach this yet.

  4. Can you tell me what the quest requirements are for the free 3* pocket in the 3rd quest tab.The first one,not the 1 you get from doing quests.Also the quest for a free Anaak.
    From the rose event from 5-5 and 5-8 i got a Ren but hes not a wave controller,hes a scout.He cant be upgraded from 1/30 or anything else and he has a golden frame.can you explain what it is

    1. The 3rd quest tab is labelled as [Event] and that specific quest for a free 3* pocket is only obtainable after you’ve purchased a specific cash item called “Emily’s Heart”. It’s 11,000 won and around $9 USD. For the Anak quest, you have to fight Hatsu (Volume 1, Chapter 1, Stage 3) with ONLY Baam on your team. So win vs Hatsu 1 on 1 and you’ll get the free Anak.

      The Ren you got is meant to be an “ingredient” card for you to upgrade or evolve your cards. There is no other use than that purpose. So you can’t even use it in your deck.

  5. Hello,
    First of all thank you for the amazing content in your website, it really helped me to understand how this game worked.
    This time i’m here to ask some help about a issue I’ve been having recently.
    When i try to launch the game, there is a window opening with something written in Korean and one button. Pressing the button only shut the game so i was wondering if you could help me understand what this window is about.
    Here’s a link to a screenshot of my smartphone : https://i.imgsafe.org/51b30cadc2.png
    I’ve been having this problem since 1-2 days and the game was working perfectly fine before.
    Thank you in advance and please excuse me for my poor english grammar since it’s not my native language.

    1. Hello! I’m glad the content here has helped you. However, I’ve got bad news for you. It seems that you’ve pressed the “Delete Account” button that I labelled over here in my interface guide. The message says you’ll be able to make a new account in 24 hours. If you are impatient, you can make a new Naver account and then make a new game account. Good luck!

    1. For the Anak quest, you have to fight Hatsu (Volume 1, Chapter 1, Stage 3) with ONLY Baam on your team. So win vs Hatsu 1 on 1 and youโ€™ll get the free Anak.

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