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Tower of God Mobile Game – Boss Raid Dungeon is Here!!

So with the update from 6/30, the new Raid Dungeon was introduced. Here’s a little guide on this mode So…

Tower of God Game Update (6/30)

Update post will be up tomorrow or in two days. I need some time to figure out the mechanics first…

Tower of God Mobile Game – 6/24 Update

Hey guys! First off, apologies for the late update. I was on a trip and just got back! So here…

Tower of God Mobile Game – Quick Update [Bug Fixes – 6/15)

Apparently there was an update today to fix bugs with the helper system and friends list (wrong character helper and…

Tower of God Mobile Game Update 6/10 [Quick Summary]

I don’t really have time to properly translate everything for the update this weekend but I can probably get a…

Tower of God Mobile Game – Update Translations & New Events!!! (5/27 Patch)

Hey guys, there’s been a lot of new changes to the game after this weekend’s updates. So here is an…

Tower of God Mobile Game – Update (5/27) Ranking Tower Revamp!

Hey everybody, so there was no update this week because Raiz is working on a huge update for next week….

Tower of God Mobile Game – Update 5/13 (Novick is out!) & Event for the New Character!!!

So in tomorrow’s update at 10am-2pm Korean Time, Novick will be added to playable characters. Unfortunately, Ran is still being…

Tower of God Mobile Game Patch Update 5/5

Update Chatting system has been reworked If you fail when upgrading from +0 to +5, you know get a bonus…

New Quests With Great Rewards

Hey guys! So in the last update, they put in a couple of new quests that give some good rewards….

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