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Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 205 Quick Summary

This week, I can only offer a really quick summary. Sorry! EDIT: This will be the last summary I’ll be…

Tower of God Mobile Game – Boss Raid Dungeon is Here!!

So with the update from 6/30, the new Raid Dungeon was introduced. Here’s a little guide on this mode So…

Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 204 Rough Summary

As always, just a rough translation. Take it for what it is! Chapter starts off everyone begging Viole-nim to get…

Announcement Regarding Spoilers

So while I was away on a trip, there was a huge spoiler leakage incident over various ToG communities. I’m…

Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 203 Rough Summary

As always, this is just a rough summary that I never really proofread. Just thought this might help you guys…

Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 202 Rough Summary

Keep in mind that I’m not a native speaker of the language and there COULD be errors in my translations….