Story Mode and Combat System Guide

When you go into story mode, the levels are split into volumes and chapters.


Once you click on a chapter, you will see a list of stages with quests on the left. Each quest is different and has conditions like clearing a certain stage with a specific character on your team, clearing the stage with 3 stars (no characters dead and clearing the dungeon fast), clearing the level before a X minute mark, and simply just clearing it. If you look at the top right corner, there is a 0/12 stars button. This means that if you can clear all the stages in this chapter with 3 stars, you will get a reward. The reward is REALLY good when you get to the higher levels.


This is the information on the stage and where you prepare your team. The mission is generally kill the boss. But other conditions like bring the boss down to 80% hp, or deal 60% damage, Kill 20 enemies, run 30m behind the boss. The time limit is usually 4 minutes, and you need to complete the level before a certain time to get the reward for the stage. You can change your leader skills here, but leader skills are currently useless and will probably get scrapped later on.


This is where you can use one of your friend’s characters or a random player’s character to help you out in the level.


Combat System

Ok, so this is the combat system. Like I said before, the leader skills are not very effective, so most people don’t use them at all. Your friend’s character usually has a cool down from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. So use it wisely at the right times. Everything else is straightforward, so I’m just going to explain the bonus damage advantages and combo for +50%.


First of all, I’m going to explain the positions. Red = Spearbearer, Blue = Wave Controller, Green = Fisherman, Teal = Lightbearer, Purple = Scout. Over here, you can see which position has an advantage over who.


Basically if they have an advantage, they can do 200% damage to the other position. Lightbearers and Scouts are able to do 150% damage to all classes, and deal 200% to each other (Lightbearer vs Scout). I am not 100% sure, but I believe that all classes only deal normal damage to Lightbearers and Scouts with no bonuses.

If you look at the combat screen I posted earlier, you’ll see the combo box I labelled. If you use your characters in that order, then all characters with the same position as your leader will start flashing. This means that their next attack will freeze the other team, and attack with +50% damage.

That’s it for the story mode & combat system. Leave your questions in the comments and I’ll answer them asap!


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