Random Tips I’ve posted on Reddit

Hey guys, I’m going to copy and paste some posts I’ve put up on reddit that can help out and are just good information in general. Not going to do pictures or anything, but I’ll post these up first while I work on other new content.  They’re just copy pasted so some of this might be out of context

Power levelling a Character

If you’re looking to power level 1 specific character, I recommend putting your tank as the leader and then put 2 star characters into the other slots. Level the 2 star characters to 20 (you get suspendium bonuses) and then make the character you’re power levelling absorb those characters to quickly level.

We use 2 stars because they’re currently the most cost-effective card to throw away for for quick exp. This is how I get my 6 star characters to lvl 60 really fast.

Never use 4 stars (you used the lvl 15 4 star) to level up, it’s not worth it because if you collect 5x 4star cards you have a 5 star in the making. If you’re curious about why 2 stars are most cost efficient, some dude on the korean forums did the math.

3 stars are valuable for upgrades when you have 5-6 stars and are worth about ~70,000 pure gold and 4 stars are like 400,000 gold. 2 stars are extremely easy from the gold card draw. When you pay 2000 gold for 1 card or 20,000 for 10 cards: 1 star = 66% chance. 2 stars = 33% 3 stars 1%.
sacrificing a 1 star is 2.9k gold. 2 star is 3.9k gold. for 1000 more gold, we get 3x the exp.

level 1 1star = 500 base exp
level 1 2star = 1500 base exp
level 1 3star = 4500 base exp
level 1 4star = 7000 base exp
level 1 5star = 10000 base exp
level 1 6 star = 15000 base exp

A level 20 2 star will net you 14k exp, almost the same as a level 1 6 star and easy to throw away. Also, when you get it to level 20, an M will appear next to their name. You get 10 suspendium in your mailbox when that happens. That’s the gist of it, I couldn’t find the old thread on the math, so i summarized what i remembered.

Upgrading Efficiently & Farming Gold

The following are numbers someone from the Korean forums posted. The total cost I’m giving you here is assuming you go from +0 to +5 all the way with the setup I’ve given and estimated values of each card ingredient you use up.

assuming 1 star = 2000 gold, 2 star = ~6000 gold, 3 star = ~63,000 4 star = ~390,000 5 star = ~2,350,000 gold.

Upgrading 4 star characters from +0 to +5 (value of ingredients included):
2x 3stars = 100% Total cost = 761,600 gold
1x 3stars 2x 2stars = 100% Total cost = 573,400 gold
4x 2stars = 100% Total cost = 385,200 gold

5 stars: <= 5 stars is very rough estimate
4x 3stars = 100% Total cost = 1,758,000 gold
3x 3stars 1x 2star = 89% Total cost = 1,673,500 gold
3x 3 stars 2x 2 stars = 100% Total cost = 1,600,3500 gold
2x 3stars 3x 2 stars = 94% Total cost = 1,419,000 gold

Those are the numbers with highest success rates. I however only go for 55-75% success rate because it’s worked out well for me. My 6 stars have gone from +0 to +5 with a 55% success rate and only failed once.  If your characters are strong enough to farm Urek’s stage for 5k gold per run, you can easily make 2,000,000+ gold a week (this is with very minimal playtime & excludes bonuses). This means that gold is easy to farm, but upgrade ingredients are not. I almost never use 4 stars because using them sets you back from making 5 stars which are hard to come by for your 6 stars. If you want to make a full level 60 deck quick, you’ve got to quickly get your first 6 star character so you can farm gold quick off Urek.


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