Tower of God Mobile Game Tip #4 – How to Power Level Your Characters

Ok guys, in this video I’m going to show you how I level my characters really quick.

Basically I have a ton of fully levelled 2 stars and 3 stars to sacrifice for my main characters. I prepare these 2 or 3 star ingredients when I am farming suspendium. You only need 1 strong character to do this because the set-up I always use is 1 strong character as leader, and then 4 2 stars or 4 3 stars at level 1. Then my leader will clear the level on it’s own, while getting 1000 or more exp for all the ingredient cards. I did this to prepare for characters that I will eventually get, but if you already have that character that you want to level, then you can put that character into one of the 4 spots and power level 3 ingredient cards while the character you’re trying to level also gains exp.

A level 20 2 star card will give you about 14000 exp. A level 30 3 star will give you about 45000 exp.

Towards the end of this video, I ran out of 2 star characters and only had lvl 30 3 star characters left. I stopped to calculate how much exp it would take for me to go from lvl 46 to 50. I noticed that using two level 30 characters would be overkill. I clicked on that 6 star to find out that going from lvl 49 to 50 only takes 22000 exp. And using just 1 lvl 30 character righ tnow would put me 25000 exp away from getting to lvl 50.

In the end, I decided to just use 1 lvl 30 and level my character to lvl 50 while I prepare more ingredients for getting to lvl 60.


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