Tower of God Mobile Game Guide – Story Mode Quests & Rewards

Here are the list of objectives and rewards. Don’t forget to click that yellow button after completing the quest to…

Random Tips I’ve posted on Reddit

Hey guys, I’m going to copy and paste some posts I’ve put up on reddit that can help out and…

Taking Requests (Updated)

Hey everybody, so I feel like I have a bunch of the basics for the game down already and covered…

Tower of God Mobile Game Patch Update 5/5

Update Chatting system has been reworked If you fail when upgrading from +0 to +5, you know get a bonus…

Tower of God Mobile Game – Character Tier List

In this post, I’m going to be introducing a tier list of characters from the game. They will be main…

ToG Mobile Game Tip #3 – Double Your Daily Rewards

Hey everyone! I’ve talked about daily rewards and achievements in my past posts and today I’m going to show you…

Friend and Star System

So if you’ve been playing this game a bit, you’ll notice that you’ll sometimes receive stars in your mail. You…

New Quests With Great Rewards

Hey guys! So in the last update, they put in a couple of new quests that give some good rewards….

Tower of God Mobile Game – Ranking Tower Guide

Hey guys, new video is up. Check it out! Written guide will be out later.

Story Mode and Combat System Guide

When you go into story mode, the levels are split into volumes and chapters. Once you click on a chapter,…

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