New Quests With Great Rewards

Hey guys! So in the last update, they put in a couple of new quests that give some good rewards. The first one is in the “General” section of the achievements button in the main page.


Basically if you use a helper, you will get +1 to the counter. The reward is continuous until the last reward is gotten and goes like this:

0/10 – For 1x 3 star Random Character

0/100 – For 1x 4 star Random Character

0/200 – For 1x 5 star Random Character

0/300 – For 1x 6 star Random Character

No confirmation yet but the next one is either 0/400 or 0/500 for a Main character Card draw.

Family Event Quest

So in South Korea, there are two national holidays coming up. 1 is Children’s Day on May 5th and one is Parent’s day on May 8th. So you can get these red flower items if you clear Volume 1 Chapter 5 Stage 5 and Stage 8 once every day.


Then you can trade these at the last tab of the shop menu for rewards like ingredients for upgrading, suspendium, gold, and attack stones.



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