Mobile Game Update April 29th 10am-2pm KST

If anyone is trying to access the game right now, you’ll find that you can’t. They are in the middle of an update right now and is estimated to be done 3 hours from this post. You’ll need to download the update in the play store and then patch files in-game after that happens.

Some of the update details aren’t clear yet, but I’m going to provide a brief list. Nothing major of an update this week, just a few bug fixes and additions.

  • Removal of 4 characters from the 3star+ drawing pocket. Parakewl, Gyetang, First Emperor(Season1 regular), Dédé Kancho (Season 1 regular). <- The forums had a poll to remove who players thought were useless to have when you pay lots of suspendium and they happened to come out.
  • Family Event will begin. (No information yet, but I assume you have a chance at getting a special item after clearing a level, and can exchange 5 of them for a prize like the past events)
  • Spring Event will be ending (All special items still in inventory will be deleted from this event)
  • Some new cash items added & once a month packages are renewed
  • Chatting system improved
  • Minor bug fixes

That’s it for now. If they release anymore new info, I’ll update this post!

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