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Announcement Regarding Spoilers

So while I was away on a trip, there was a huge spoiler leakage incident over various ToG communities. I’m…

Tower of God Mobile Game – Upgrade & Evolve Fees

Here are the tables for basic upgrading and evolving fees. Can’t make promises on this, but I might provide a…

Example Videos On Upgrading and Evolving

In this post, I upload some videos of me upgrading and evolving characters. Enjoy!

Random Tips I’ve posted on Reddit

Hey guys, I’m going to copy and paste some posts I’ve put up on reddit that can help out and…

Taking Requests (Updated)

Hey everybody, so I feel like I have a bunch of the basics for the game down already and covered…

New Quests With Great Rewards

Hey guys! So in the last update, they put in a couple of new quests that give some good rewards….