Announcement Regarding Spoilers

So while I was away on a trip, there was a huge spoiler leakage incident over various ToG communities. I’m just going to make it clear that I will not be releasing anything on spoilers until the official chapters are published. I have my own reasons for not doing so, and any requests for spoiler translating will be ignored. I apologize to everyone who was hoping that I would translate them, but it’s something that I will be firm with.

With that being said, I’ll continue to post very rough translations in case there are some people looking for that. This site is mainly for the ToG game and I really don’t put much effort in the summaries because my Korean just isn’t at the level where I’m confident I can give super accurate summaries to all the people coming here. So please keep in mind that they are all rough summaries and I can’t always guarantee it’s correct (I don’t want to give out false information to people).

Thanks for your time!


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